Digital Eel GDC Mystery Tour 2006
Roll up with Digital Eel on the road!

Isn't someone missing? Yes! Iikka Keranen, Digital Eel designer, programmer, artist and Interplanetary Mastermind, was unable to attend the GDC this year because he's back in Finland doing his mandatory military service in the Finnish Army. We sure missed his company -and his navigational and photography skills. The Tour wasn't the same but we'll make up for it when he returns this summer. (Halfway there, IK!)

People, Places & Cranes

Through A Glass Brightly

The IGF In San Jose

Game Developers Conference

Rich's Cranes

Glenda's Cranes

Looking For Rubes

P Is For Pod

Doing The Demo Thang

Phos & Glenda At The Show

Glenda, Rich & Chris At The Show

Weird Worlds Nabs One!

Ernest & Phos Hangin' Loose

Bill, Greg, Ellie & Rich

Trinidad, California

Northern California Coast

California Beaches I

California Beaches II

California Beaches III

Chris, Tech Maestro, Monster Man

Land Of The Giants

The 5

The Actual "Middle Of Nowhere"

Come On Home To Green River

Down On The Farm

The GDC Mystery Tour Through A Glass Darkly


Northern California Coast Variation

Chris Behind The Wheel

Land Of The Giants Variation

Alternate Universe Rich

Alternate Universe IGF

Never Work At A Place Like This

The 5 Variation

Industrial Strength Road Food

2006 March

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All images are copyright 2005 by Rich Carlson, Iikka Keranen, Phosphorous and Digital Eel