Bradbury's Picks
60 Greatest Old-Time Radio Shows from Science Fiction Selected by Ray Bradbury

Category: Science Fiction
Duration: 30 hours
Media: (30) CDs
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Radio Spirits proudly presents The 60 Greatest Old-Time Radio Shows from Science Fiction 
Selected by Ray Bradbury, one of the greatest fantasy writers of the 20th Century.
Rocket into the future with “adventures in time and space, told in future tense” by
Isaac Asimov, James Blish, Ray Bradbury, Gordon R. Dickson, Robert A. Heinlein, Murray
Leinster, Frederik Pohl, Robert Sheckley, Theodore Sturgeon, Jules Verne, Kurt Vonnegut,
H. G. Wells and other top science fiction authors. Also featured are Orson Welles’
landmark “War of the Worlds” broadcast, Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein,” Curt Siodmak’s
unforgettable “Donovan’s Brain” and a terrifying tale by Arch Oboler. This special
collection also includes a 64-page historical book with an audio and written foreword by
Ray Bradbury.

Mercury Theatre On the Air   War of the Worlds                        10-30-38
Dimension X                  Martian Chronicles                       08-18-50
Dimension X                  With Folded Hands                        04-15-50
Suspense                     Donovan’s Brain                          02-07-48
Escape                       Earth Abides Part 1                      11-05-50
Escape                       Earth Abides Part 2                      11-12-50
X Minus One                  And the Moon Be Still As Bright          09-22-55
X Minus One                  Dr. Grimshaw’s Sanitorium                07-14-55
Dimension X                  Report on the Barnhouse Effect           04-22-50
X Minus One                  The Veldt                                08-04-55
Lights Out                   Sub-Basement                             08-24-43
Dimension X                  Nightfall                                09-29-51
X Minus One                  Martian Death March                      09-08-55
X Minus One                  The Defenders                            05-22-56
CBS Radio Workshop           Season of Disbelief & Hail and Farewell  02-17-56
X Minus One                  Child’s Play                             10-20-55
Suspense                     Black Door                               11-19-61
Dimension X                  Lost Race                                05-20-50
X Minus One                  Requiem                                  10-27-55
X Minus One                  Marionettes, Inc.                        12-21-55
Family Theatre               20,000 Leagues Under the Sea             08-23-50
X Minus One                  A Logic Named Joe                        12-28-55
CBS Radio Workshop           A Pride of Carrots                       09-14-56
X Minus One                  The Roads Must Roll                      01-04-56
Dimension X                  The Embassy                              06-03-50
Dimension X                  Knock                                    05-06-50
Suspense                     Frankenstein                             06-07-55
X Minus One                  Skulking Permit                          02-15-56
X Minus One                  Tunnel Under the World                   03-14-56
Dimension X                  Universe                                 08-02-51
X Minus One                  Lulungameena                             05-29-56
X Minus One                  If You Was a Moklin                      06-12-56
Dimension X                  Beyond Infinity                          07-21-50
X Minus One                  Project Trojan                           06-19-56
X Minus One                  Bad Medicine                             07-10-56
Escape                       Dream of Armageddon                      09-05-48
X Minus One                  The Old Die Rich                         07-17-56
X Minus One                  The Stars Are the Styx                   07-24-56
Dimension X                  Hello Tomorrow                           09-15-50
X Minus One                  The Last Martian                         08-07-56
X Minus One                  Surface Tension                          08-28-56
Escape                       Mars Is Heaven                           06-02-50
X Minus One                  Soldier Boy                              10-17-56
X Minus One                  Inside Story                             06-20-57
Dimension X                  Time and Time Again                      07-12-51
Mysterious Traveler          Zero Hour                                06-22-48
X Minus One                  Hostess                                  12-12-56
Dimension X                  Dwellers In Silence                      07-19-51
X Minus One                  Saucer of Loneliness                     01-09-57
X Minus One                  The Seventh Order                        05-08-56
Dimension X                  To the Future                            05-27-50
Mysterious Traveler          The Big Brain                            03-14-50
Sealed Book                  Beware of Tomorrow                       07-29-45
Escape                       Zero Hour                                10-04-53
X Minus One                  The Lights on Precipice Peak             03-13-57
Exploring Tomorrow           First Contact                            1957
Suspense                     Second Door                              05-06-62
Theatre Royal                Country of the Blind                     1950s
Exploring Tomorrow           Happiness Effect                         1957
X Minus One                  The Category Inventor                    06-27-57