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 Episode                            Author                    Program                    Airdate

 2462                               George Bamber             Suspense                   620121
 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea       Jules Verne               Family Theater             500823
 A Dream of Armageddon              H. G. Wells               Escape                     480905
 A God Named Smith                  Henry Slesar              CBS Radio Mystery Theater  770602
 A Gun for Dinosaur                 L. Sprague de Camp        X Minus One                560307
 A Logic Named Joe                  Murray Leinster           Dimension X                500701
 A Pail of Air                      Fritz Leiber              X Minus One                560328
 A Study in Wax                     Antony Ellis              Escape                     530201
 The Abominable Snowman             Antony Ellis              Escape                     530913
 The Adaptive Ultimate              John Jessel*              Escape                     490326
 Almost Human                       Robert Bloch              X Minus One                550811
 An Eye for an Eye                  William Ingram            The Price of Fear          750407
 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge  Ambrose Bierce            Escape                     471210
 An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge  Ambrose Bierce            Suspense                   561209
 Ancient Sorceries                  Algernon Blackwood        Escape                     480221
 Bathysphere                        Arch Oboler               Lights Out                 430629
 Beware of Tomorrow                 R. Arthur & D. Kogan      The Mysterious Traveler    440409
 Beyond the Wall of Sleep           H. P. Lovecraft           Mindwebs                   760903
 The Big Brain                      R. Arthur & D. Kogan      The Mysterious Traveler    500314
 The Black Door                     Robert Arthur             Suspense                   611119
 Bloodbath                          James Poe                 Escape                     500630
 The Bottle Imp                     Robert Louis Stevenson    Favorite Story             480821
 Burn, Witch, Burn                  Ian Martin                CBS Mystery Theater        751215
 The C-Chute                        Isaac Asimov              X Minus One                560208
 The Captain of the Polestar        Arthur Conan Doyle        CBS Radio Mystery Theater  781006
 Casting the Runes                  M. R. James               Escape                     471119
 The Castle of Lavoca               Richard Thorne            The Hall of Fantasy        520822
 Chain of Command                   Steven Arr                X Minus One                561121
 Chicken Heart                      Arch Oboler               Lights Out                 380223
 Cold Equations                     Tom Godwin                X Minus One                550825
 Cold Equations                     Tom Godwin                Exploring Tomorrow         580430
 Confession                         Algernon Blackwood        Escape                     471231
 Conqueror's Isle                   Nelson Bond               Escape                     490305
 The Convict                                                  Exploring Tomorrow         1957-58
 The Country of the Blind           H. G. Wells               Escape                     471126
 The Dance of the Devil Dolls       Richard Thorne            The Hall of Fantasy        531005
 Death Robbery                      Wyllis Cooper             Lights Out                 470716
 Devil Car                          Roger Zelazny             MindWebs                   781020
 Diary of a Madman                  Les Crutchfield           Escape                     530125
 The Discovery of Morniel Mathaway  William Tenn**            X Minus One                570417
 Donovan's Brain (2 parts)          Curt Siodmak              Suspense                   440518-25
 Door of Gold                       E. Scott __?__            Suspense                   570210
 The Dunwich Horror                 H. P. Lovecraft           Suspense                   451101
 Earth Abides (2 parts)             George R. Stewart         Escape                     501110-17
 The Eel                            Miriam H. Ford            MindWebs                   780324
 The Fall of the City               Archibald MacLeish        Columbia Workshop          370411
 First Contact                      Murray Leinster           X Minus One                551006
 The Flying Saucers                                           2000 Plus                  1950+
 Four Went Home                     Antony Ellis              Escape                     521214
 Fugue in C Minor                   Lucille Fletcher          Suspense                   440601
 Ghost Hunt                         H. Russell Wakefield      Suspense                   490623
 The Gibbering Things                                         The Shadow                 430926
 Gold of the Adomar                 Ross Murray               Suspense                   530119
 The Golden Snake                   Crutchfield & Pierce      Escape                     500414
 Graveyard Mansion                  Alonzo Deen Cole          The Witch's Tale           330306
 He Who Follows Me                  Richard Thorne            The Hall of Fantasy        531026
 The Headless Dead                  Scott Bishop              Dark Fantasy               420123
 The Hole (Oxychloride X)           Arch Oboler               The Devil and Mr. O        711203
 The Hole in Empty Space            Lou Huston                Space Patrol               521025
 The Horla                          Guy de Maupassant         Mystery in the Air         470821
 Hostess                            Isaac Asimov              X Minus One                561212
 The House in Cypress Canyon        Robert L. Richards        Suspense                   461205
 The House of Purple Shadows                                  The Hermit's Cave          1940+
 The Hungry One (The Meteor Man)    Arch Oboler               The Devil and Mr. O        720114
 Johnny Got His Gun                 Dalton Trumbo             Arch Oboler's Plays        400309
 The Judge's House                  Bram Stoker               The Hall of Fantasy        470403
 Kaleidoscope                       Ray Bradbury              Suspense                   550712
 The Knightsbridge Mystery          Charles Reade             The Weird Circle           431017
 Land of the Living Dead            Arnold Moss               CBS Radio Mystery Theater  771103
 The Last Objective                 Paul Carter               Dimension X                510603
 Leiningen vs. the Ants             Carl Stephenson           Escape                     480114
 The Lights on Precipice Peak       Stephen Tall              X Minus One                570313
 The Lodger                         Marie Belloc Lowndes      Mystery in the Air         470814
 The Log                            M. Mosner, F. Rosenwald   Escape                     530920
 The Lost Race                      Murray Leinster           Dimension X                500520
 The Lottery                        Shirley Jackson           NBC Short Story            510314
 Mad Monkton                        Wilkie Collins            The Weird Circle           441105
 The Man in Black                   Richard Thorne            The Hall of Fantasy        530706
 The Man Who Could Work Miracles    H. G. Wells               Escape                     480919
 The Man Who Stole a Planet         Wyllis Cooper             Quiet Please               480726
 The Man Who Would Be King          Rudyard Kipling           Escape                     480801
 The Map Makers                     Frederik Pohl             X Minus One                560926
 Mars is Heaven                     Ray Bradbury              X Minus One                550508
 Mars is Heaven                     Ray Bradbury              Dimension X                500707
 The Martian Death March            Ernest Kinoy              Dimension X                510114
 The Martian Death March            Ernest Kinoy              X Minus One                550908
 The Masks of Ashor                 Richard Thorne            The Hall of Fantasy        530309
 Men Call Me Mad		    Scott Bishop	      Dark Fantasy		 411219
 Mungahra                           Arch Oboler               Lights Out                 421027
 Murder Castle                      Arch Oboler               Lights Out                 380216
 The Mystery of the Strange Thing                             The Hermit's Cave          1940+
 The Ninth Volume                   Percy Granger             CBS Radio Mystery Theater  771230
 Northern Lights                    Wyllis Cooper             Quiet Please               490130
 The Old Die Rich                   H. L. Gold                X Minus One                560717
 The Outsider                       H. P. Lovecraft           The Black Mass             681120
 The Parade                         George Lefferts           X Minus One                550501
 The Pharoah's Curse                Ian Martin                CBS Radio Mystery Theater  740402
 Plan X                             Richard Powell            Suspense                   530202
 Planet of Geniuses                 Poul Anderson             Exploring Tomorrow         1957-58
 Pollock and the Porroh Man         H. G. Wells               Escape                     471029
 Pond Water                         John Brunner              MindWebs                   780317
 The Potters of Firsk               Jack Vance                Dimension X                500728
 The Power of Hammer                Gil Dowd, Antony Ellis    Escape                     501020
 Present Tense                      James Poe                 Escape                     500131
 Report on the Barnhouse Effect     Kurt Vonnegut             Dimension X                500422
 Resident Killer                                              CBS Radio Mystery Theater  821025
 The Return                         Kathleen Hite             Escape                     521109
 The Return from Death              Richard Thorne            The Hall of Fantasy        531019
 Return to Dust                     George Bamber             Suspense                   590201
 The Ring of Thoth                  Arthur Conan Doyle        Escape                     470811
 The Roads Must Roll                Robert Heinlein           Dimension X                500901
 Sam, This Is You                   Murray Leinster           X Minus One                561031
 Saucer of Loneliness               Theodore Sturgeon         X Minus One                570109
 The Search for Life                                          The Hermit's Cave          1940+
 The Second Door                    Robert Readick            Suspense                   620506
 Secret of the Incas                Sydney Boehm              Lux Radio Theater          541214
 The Sentinel                       Arthur C. Clarke          MindWebs                   790128
 The Seventh Order                  Jerry Sohl                X Minus One                560508
 The Shadow People                  Richard Thorne            The Hall of Fantasy        530921
 Shanghied                          Ernest Kinoy              Dimension X                501112
 She                                H. Rider Haggard          Escape                     480711
 Something for Nothing              Robert Sheckley           X Minus One                570410
 Sorry, Wrong Number                Lucille Fletcher          Suspense                   430821
 Taboo                              Geoffrey Household        Escape                     471203
 The Talkers                                                  Theater Five               641124
 The Tell-Tale Heart                Edgar Allan Poe           Nightfall                  800801
 The Temple of Huizilipochle        Richard Thorne            Hall of Fantasy            530629
 Terror Out of Space                                          Murder at Midnight         470224
 That Real Crazy Infinity           Dick W. Dowling           Suspense                   620527
 The Thing on the Fourble Board     Wyllis Cooper             Quiet Please               480809
 The Thirteenth Truck               Capt. Douglas M. Smith    Escape                     530816
 Three Skeleton Key                 George Toudouze           Escape                     500317
 Time and Time Again                H. Beam Piper             X Minus One                560111
 The Time Machine                   H. G. Wells               Escape                     480509
 The Time Machine                   H. G. Wells               Escape                     501027
 To the Dark Star                   Robert Silverberg         MindWebs                   780707
 The Track of the Cat               Walter Van Tilburg Clark  Suspense                   520218
 The Treasure Chest of Don Jose     Christopher Anthony       Suspense                   560626
 Tunnel Under the World             Frederik Pohl             X Minus One                560314
 The Undead                                                   Inner Sanctum Mysteries    451218
 The Undecided Molecule             Norman Corwin             Columbia Presents Corwin   450717
 Universe                           Robert Heinlein           X Minus One                550515
 Universe                           Robert Heinlein           Dimension X                080251
 Vital Factor                       Nelson Bond               Dimension X                510816
 We Are All Alone                                             Theater Five               640923
 The Weapon                         Fredric Brown             MindWebs                   771014
 What Was It?                       Wilkie Collins            The Weird Circle           431010
 Yellow Wake                        Bud Nelson                Escape                     500721
 The Yellow Wallpaper               Charlotte Perkins Gilman  Suspense                   480729
 The Yellow Wallpaper               Charlotte Perkins Gilman  Suspense                   570630
 Zero Hour                          Ray Bradbury              Suspense                   600103

 * pseudonym of Stanley Weinbaum
 ** pseudonym of Philip Klass
 *** pseudonym of Cornell Woolrich

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