Strange Adventures in Infinite Space was created late in 2001. The game was born of a mutual admiration of the original Star Trek series, science fiction novels like The Voyage Of The Space Beagle by A. E. Van Vogt and science fiction games like Voyage of the BSM Pandora by John Butterfield and Star Control 2, designed by Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III.

Originally conceived in 1999 as a strategic conquest game, the notion of creating a fast-paced adventure-oriented version eventually proved irresistible and soon became the focus. The universe of Infinite Space, its indigenous aliens, creatures, technologies and history, became the foundation of an untried approach to science fiction computer gaming. The languorous pace and length of a moderately complex conquest game was discarded in favor of a more brisk and punchy adventure and combat romp, a style of gameplay Digital Eel hopes will delight gamers.

Strange Adventures in Infinite Space - Copyright 2001-2002 R. Carlson, I. Keranen and Phosphorous