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Click on pictures for larger-than-life versions. The "thumbnails" are roughly to scale (128 pixels equal a foot) and sorted by size, besides a few old cruddy ones intentionally left at the bottom.

Broken-back Seax - Based on the famous "Beagnoth" seax, with my own handle.

Short Sword Spear - a smaller version of the sword spear below

Pseudo-Asiatic shortswords

Dragon Flyssa

Embertine - based on type Z and AE Viking swords.

Yatlass - A hybrid yataghan/cutlass that now exists!

Yelman Falchion - A sword combining oriental and European styles

Sword of Isis - An anachronistic sword with a bit of Egyptian flair.


Three-Ring Rapier

Grayswandir - the sword of prince Corwin of Amber

Danish Long Sword

Sword Spear - a short polearm

Black Mariah - Dark & eldritch. Also my first attempt at drawing damascus steel.

Hewing Spear - A polearm similar to a nagamaki or this coincidence.

Han Sword - Based on an old bronze sword hilt.

Fantasy Leafy Sword - The blade is based on the bronze "Limehouse sword".

Fantasy Fishy Sword - a fish-tailed long sword, precursor to the Black Mariah design.

Fantasy Viking/Celtic Dagger

A dagger or dirk that has a hilt similar to some viking swords. Rendered in 3DS MAX (First draft on the left, final version on the right).

Doodles related to above swords

Playing with ideas before drawing a more involved sketch. The winged sword that later became Embertine goes way back...

Fantasy Sword Doodles

Little scrawlings on post-it notes etc. The middle one on the left ended up in a Morrowind mod called Three Shades of Darkness (at a larger size though).

More Doodles

Mixed bag of old and new sketches, including evolution between the Morrowind "dreamweaver" design and the recent hewing spear. The bowie-like knife was a precursor to the Yatlass design.

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