The NESFA Core Reading List of Fantasy and Science Fiction

29 October 1997

ab Hugh, Dafydd
HNom NNom   nt  1990  The Coon Rolled Down and Ruptured His Larinks, a Squeezed Novel by Mr. Skunk

Abbott, E A
[k]  1884  Flatland

Abernathy, Ralph
  nt  1942  Heritage
      Recommended by arl
[a]  nt  1954  Pyramid
[a]  1953  The Rotifers

Ackroyd, Peter
[k,Pf]  1985  Hawksmoor

Adams, Douglas
    Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
      A subtle uchronia. Better SF than Hitchhiker -- cjh
[i]  1979  Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the
      Hitchhiker trilogy 1
  1982  Life, the Universe, and Everything
      Hitchhiker trilogy 3. Downhill from the first book -- arl
  1980  The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
      Hitchhiker trilogy 2. Downhill from the first -- arl

Adams, Richard
  1974  Shardik
      Better in many ways than Watership Down -- arl
[Pf]  1972  Watership Down

Aldiss, Brian W.
[g]  nt  1962  A Kind of Artistry
    An Island Called Moreau
      Recommended by jr
  1969  Barefoot in the Head
  nf  1973  Billion Year Spree
HNom   nv  1978  Enemies of the System
  1973  Frankenstein Unbound
[Psf]  1964  Greybeard
NNom   1982  Heliconia Spring
  1993  Heliconia Summer
NNom   1985  Heliconia Winter
[f]  nt  1961  Hothouse
      Included in 'The Long Afternoon of Earth'
Hugo   se    Hothouse series
      A few Hugos were given out for a series of stories
[f]  1957  Let's Be Frank
HNom NNom   1966  Man in His Time
[Psf]  1958  Non-Stop
[f]  1958  Poor Little Warrior!
  1958  Starship
[i,Psf]  1962  The Long Afternoon of Earth
      Includes 'Hothouse'
[Pf]  1976  The Malacia Tapestry
Neb   nv  1965  The Saliva Tree
HNom NNom   nt  1968  Total Environment
  nf    Trillion Year Spree
      Updating of 'Billion Year Spree'
Recommended by mh

  1958  Who Can Replace a Man?
      Recommended by jam and arl

Aldiss, Brian W. and David Wingrove
Hugo   nf  1986  Trillion Year Spree

Aldiss, Brian W. and Harry Harrison
  nf  1975  Hell's Cartographers
    The Astounding-Analog Reader

Aldridge, Mary C.
NNom   1989  The Adinkra Cloth

Aldridge, Ray
NNom   nt  1991  Gate of Faces
NNom   nv  1993  The Beauty Addict

Alexander, Lloyd
  1967  Taran Wanderer
      Part of the 'Prydain' series
  1960  The Black Cauldron
      Part of the 'Prydain' series
  1964  The Book of Three
      Part of the 'Prydain' series
  1966  The Castle of Llyr
      Part of the 'Prydain' series
  1968  The High King
      Part of the 'Prydain' series

Allen, Roger Macbride
  1988  Orphans of Creation
      Recommended by eac
  1990  The Ring of Charon
      A superscience story in the tradition of Campbell's Arcot, Wade and Morey -- arl

Allen, Steve
[g]  1955  The Public Hating

Amis, Kingsley
  nf  1960  New Maps of Hell
[k,Psf]  1976  The Alteration
[k,Pf]  1969  The Green Man

Anderson, Chester
HNom   1967  The Butterfly Kid

Anderson, Kevin J. and Doug Beason
NNom   1992  Assemblers of Infinity

Anderson, Poul
  nv  1958  A Bicycle Built for Brew
      Also titled "The Makeshift Rocket". Recommended by mlo. Minor -- arl
  1974  A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows
  1961  After Doomsday
      Recommended by jr
  1954  Brain Wave
      Recommended by mlo
  nt  1959  Brave to Be a King
      Contained in "The Time Patrol". Excellent -- arl
[c,f]  nv  1957  Call Me Joe
  nt  1962  Critique of Impure Reason
      Recommended by mlo
[f]  nt  1955  Delenda Est
      Incorporated in "The Time Patrol"
  nv  1962  Epilog
      Recommended by mlo
HNom   1974  Fire Time
Hugo Neb   nt  1972  Goat Song
[f]  nt  1961  Hiding Place
      Part of "Trader to the Stars"
  1973  Hrolf Kraki's Saga
Hugo   nt  1978  Hunter's Moon
  nt  1992  In Memorium
      Recommended by mlo
[f]  nv  1962  Kings Who Die
NNom [g]  1968  Kyrie
HNom   nt  1965  Marque and Reprisal
      Contained in "The Star Fox"
  1974  Midsummer Tempest, A
      Recommended by mlo & po
  1977  Mirkheim
Hugo [f]  nt  1963  No Truce with Kings
  1971  Operation Chaos
  1961  Orbit Unlimited
  1983  Orion Shall Rise
HNom [i,Psf]  1970  Tau Zero
HNom NNom   1989  The Boat of a Million Years
[a,i,k,Pf]  1954  The Broken Sword
      Excellent fantasy -- arl & mlo. Current edition substantially re-written in 70s
NNom   1971  The Byworlder
  1965  The Corridors of Time
      Recommended by mlo
  1972  The Dancer from Atlantis
      A fine time-travel novel -- po
HNom   1958  The Enemy Stars
      Originally titled "We Have Fed Our Sea"
NNom   nv  1970  The Fatal Fulfillment
      The Helping Hand
      An analysis of the effects of foreign aid -- arl
HNom   1960  The High Crusade
[f]  1958  The Last of the Deliverers
Hugo   nt  1960  The Longest Voyage
[f,l]  nt  1956  The Man Who Came Early
[i]  1958  The Man Who Counts
      Also titled "War of the Wing-Men"
HNom NNom   1973  The People of the Wind
Hugo Neb   nt  1971  The Queen of Air and Darkness
Hugo Neb   nv  1981  The Saturn Game
Hugo NNom   nt  1968  The Sharing of Flesh
  1966  The Star Fox
      A fix-up novel. Not his best -- arl
  1991  The Time Patrol
NNom   nt  1979  The Ways of Love
HNom   1972  There Will Be Time
[k,Pf]  1962  Three Hearts and Three Lions
      Superb fantasy -- mlo & arl
  1964  Time and Stars
  1966  Trader to the Stars
  1961  Twilight World

Anderson, Poul and F. N. Waldrop
[e]  nt  1947  Tomorrow's Children
      Expanded into 'Twilight World'. Recommended by mlo

Anderson, Poul and Gordon R. Dickson
  1957  Earthman's Burden
      Classic collection of humorous SF. These are the original 'Hoka' stories.

Anthony, Piers
  1977  A Spell for Chameleon
      First in the interminable Xanth seris. Stop after this one -- po
HNom NNom   1967  Chthon
HNom   nt  1968  Getting Through University
      Contained in 'Prostho Plus'
HNom   1969  Macroscope
      Except the last 20 pages -- jds
  1968  Omnivore
      Recommended by kp
  1970  Orn
      Recommended by kp. Starring a *Diatryma! -- po
  1976  Ox
      Recommended by kp
  1973  Prostho Plus
      Recommended by kp

Anvil, Christopher
[f]  1962  Gadget vs. Trend
[f]  nt  1960  Mind Partner
[f]  1963  Not in the Literature
[b]  nt  1956  Pandora's Planet
      The novelette, *not* the novel -- mlo

Armer, Karl Michael
[g]  nt  1986  On the Inside Track

Arthur, Robert
[a,f]  1941  Evolution's End
[f]  1940  Postpaid to Paradise

Ashwell, Pauline
NNom   nv  1991  Man Opening a Door
      Written as by 'Paul Ash'
HNom [l]  nt  1960  The Lost Kafoozalum
HNom   nt  1958  Unwilling to School

Asimov, Isaac
[f]  nt  1951  "Breeds There a Man--"
[f]  1957  A Loint of Paw
      Just a bad pun -- arl
[a,b]  nt  1953  Belief
[e,f]  nt  1945  Blind Alley
      One of the very few Asimov stories with intelligent aliens
[a,f]  1955  Dreaming Is a Private Thing
[f]  1946  Evidence
[f,i]  1942  Foundation
[i]  1952  Foundation and Empire
Hugo NNom [i]  1982  Foundation's Edge
Hugo   nt  1991  Gold
  1957  I'm in Marsport without Hilda
[i]  1950  I, Robot
      A collection of the best of the Robot stories
Hugo   nf  1994  I. Asimov
      Asimov's autobiography. Excellent -- mlo
[f]  1941  Liar!
[f]  nt  1947  Little Lost Robot
[f]  1950  Misbegotten Missionary
[b,c,d,f]  nt  1941  Nightfall
[i]  1950  Pebble in the Sky
  1988  Prelude to Foundation
      Recommended by po
HNom NNom   1986  Robot Dreams
  1953  Second Foundation
[f]  1940  Strange Playfellow
[f]  1957  Strikebreaker
HNom   nt  1974  That Thou Art Mindful of Him
Hugo Neb   nt  1976  The Bicentennial Man
[a,i]  1954  The Caves of Steel
      One of the best SF detective stories ever written -- arl
HNom   nv  1945  The Dead Hand
      incorporated in Foundation and Empire
[g]  nv  1956  The Dead Past
[Psf]  1955  The End of Eternity
[f]  1958  The Feeling of Power
Hugo Neb   1972  The Gods Themselves
  1962  The Hugo Winners Vol 1
  1971  The Hugo Winners Vol 2
  1971  The Hugo Winners Vol 3
  1985  The Hugo Winners Vol 4
[f,g]  1956  The Last Question
[a,c,f]  nv  1952  The Martian Way
HNom [a]  nv  1945  The Mule
      Incorporated in "Foundation and Empire"
[i]  1957  The Naked Sun
[f]  nt  1949  The Red Queen's Race
HNom   1983  The Robots of Dawn
  1951  The Stars Like Dust
  nv  1958  The Ugly Little Boy
[f]  nt  1939  Trends
[g]  nt  1970  Waterclap
[f]  1961  What Is This Thing Called Love?

Atheling, William
  ps    Pseudonym of James Blish used for critical work

Attanasio, A. A.
NNom   1981  Radix

Atwood, Margaret
NNom   1986  The Handmaid's Tale

Bailey, Dale
NNom   nt  1995  The Resurrection Man's Legacy

Bailey, Dennis and David Bischoff
NNom   1976  Tin Woodsman

Baker, Anton Lee
HNom   1958  They've Been Working On....

Ballard, J. G.
  1961  Billennium
      Recommended by arl
[g]  1963  Cage of Sand
[g]  nt  1960  Chronopolis
[Psf]  1973  Crash
      Recommended by arl
[Psf]  1975  High-Rise
NNom   nt  1982  Myths of the Near Future
[g]  1971  Prima Belladonna
  1964  Terminal Beach
  1964  The Burning World
  1967  The Cloud Sculptors of Coral D
[k,Psf]  1966  The Crystal World
      Ballard is an acquired taste which I've never acquired... -- mlo
[Pf]  1987  The Day of Creation
[Psf]  1962  The Drownded World
[f]  1962  The Insane Ones
[Pf]  1979  The Unlimited Dream Company
[f]  nt  1960  The Voices of Time

Balmer, E. and Phillip Wylie
  1934  After Worlds Collide
      For completeists. A letdown from When Worlds Collide -- arl & mlo
[i]  1932  When Worlds Collide

Banks, Iain
  1993  Against a Dark Background
      Recommended by kp
  1988  Consider Phlebas
[Pf]  1986  The Bridge
  1990  The Player of Games
  1992  Use of Weapons
      Recommended by kp

Banks, Raymond E.
[f]  1955  The Short Ones

Barjavel, Rene
[a]  1943  Ashes, Ashes
  1970  The Ice People
      Threshold of the Stars

Barnes, John
NNom   1992  A Million Open Doors
HNom NNom   1994  Mother of Storms
  1996  One for the Morning Glory
      A quirky, funny, and interesting fantasy -- mlo
NNom   1991  Orbital Resonance

Barrett Jr., Neal
HNom NNom   nt  1988  Ginny Sweethips' Flying Circus
  1971  The Leaves of Time
      Recommended by arl

Barton, William
HNom   nt  1996  Age of Aquarius

Bass, T. J.
NNom   1971  Half Past Human
NNom   1974  The Godwhale

Batchelor, John Calvin
[Psf]  1983  Birth of the People's Republic of Antarctica

Bates, Harry
[d]  nv  1934  A Matter of Size
[a,d,f]  nt  1940  Farewell to the Master
      Adapted into the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still"

Baum, L. Frank
  se    Oz Series
[i]  1900  The Wizard of Oz

Baxter, Stephen
  1992  The Raft
  1994  The Ring
      Recommended by mlo
HNom   1995  The Time Ships

Bayley, Barrington J.
[l]  1965  All the King's Men

Beagle, Peter S.
[Pf]  1960  Fine and Private Place, A
  1986  The Folk of the Air
[Pf]  1968  The Last Unicorn

Bear, Greg
NNom   1985  Blood Music
Hugo Neb   nt  1983  Blood Music
  1985  Eon
HNom Neb   nv  1983  Hardfought
HNom Neb   1993  Moving Mars
NNom   1982  Petra
HNom   1990  Queen of Angels
NNom   nt  1989  Sisters
Hugo Neb [g]  1986  Tangents
HNom NNom   1987  The Forge of God
  1984  The Infinity Concerto
  1986  The Serpent Mage

Beaumont, Charles
      The Howling Man
      Recommended by sj
[f]  1955  The Vanishing American

Beerbohm, Max
  1920  Enoch Soames

Bell, M. Shayne
HNom   1994  Mrs. Lincoln's China

Bellairs, John
  1966  St. Fidgeta and Other Parodies
  1969  The Face in the Frost
      One of the best fantasies ever -- mlo, arl

Bellamy, Edward
  1897  Looking Backward

Benet, Stephen Vincent
  1937  By the Waters of Babylon

Benford, Gregory
HNom   nv  1977  A Snark in the Night
NNom   1983  Against Infinity
HNom NNom   nt  1969  Deeper Than the Darkness
HNom NNom   1975  Doing Lennon
[g]  1982  Exposures
NNom   1988  Great Sky River
HNom   nv  1996  Immersion
NNom   1976  In the Ocean of Night
NNom   nt  1992  Matter's End
NNom   nv  1986  Newton Sleep
[g]  1982  Relativistic Effects
NNom   nv  1994  Soon Comes Night
NNom   nv  1981  Swarmer, Skimmer
  1989  Tides of Light
Neb [i,Psf]  1980  Timescape

Benson, D. R.
  1978  ...And Having Writ

Berryman, John
[g]  nt  1939  Special Flight

Bester, Alfred
[a,d,f]  1941  Adam and No Eve
[a,c,f]  1954  Fondly Fahrenheit
[a]  nv  1942  Hell Is Forever
[a,f]  1952  Hobson's Choice
[f]  1950  Oddy and Id
[a]  1951  Of Time and Third Avenue
NNom   nt  1972  The Animal Fair
HNom   1975  The Computer Connection
      Also known by the following titles... 'Golem 100', "The Indian Giver", "Minotaur in a Mushroom Maze"
Hugo [a,i,Psf]  1952  The Demolished Man
HNom   1974  The Four-Hour Fugue
HNom [g]  1958  The Men Who Murdered Mohammed
HNom [f,g,l]  nt  1959  The Pi Man
[f]  nt  1942  The Push of a Finger
[a]  nt  1954  The Starcomber
[i,Psf]  1956  The Stars My Destination
[f]  nt  1963  They Don't Make Life Like They Used To
[a,f]  nt  1953  Time Is the Traitor

Bethke, Bruce
  ss  1987  It Came from the Slushpile
      Recommended by arl

Bettelheim, Bruno
  nf  1976  The Uses of Enchantment

Bierce, Ambrose
  s?  1891  Occurrence at Owl Creek
      Recommended by dgg

Biggle Jr., Lloyd
HNom   nt  1961  Monument
  nt  1961  The Still, Small Voice
      Expanded into the novel 'The Still, Small Voice of the Trumpets' in 1968.
[f]  nv  1957  The Tunesmith
  1966  Watchers of the Dark

Binder, Eando
  1937  Anton York, Immortal
      Of historical interest only -- mlo
[a,f]  1939  I, Robot

Bishop, Michael
HNom NNom   nt  1985  A Gift from the Graylanders
NNom   nv  1991  Apartheid, Superstrings and Mordecai Thubana
HNom   1994  Brittle Innings
HNom   1974  Cathadonian Odyssey
  1992  Count Geiger's Blues
HNom NNom   nv  1973  Death and Designation Among the Asadi
  1986  Facetti's Tomorrow
NNom   nv  1983  Her Habiline Husband
NNom   1992  Life Regarded as a Jigsaw Puzzle of Highly Lustrous Cats
Neb [Psf]  1982  No Enemy But Time
NNom   nv  1974  On the Street of the Serpents
HNom   1975  Rogue Tomato
NNom   nv  1983  The Gospel According to Gamaliel Crucis
NNom   1989  The Ommatidium Miniatures
HNom Neb   nt  1981  The Quickening
HNom NNom   nv  1976  The Samurai and the Willows
HNom NNom   nv  1973  The White Otters of Childhood
  nt  1973  The Windows in Dante's Hell
  1988  Unicorn Mountain
NNom   1979  Vernalfast Morning
HNom   NV  1994  Vri de Coeur
[Pf]  1984  Who Made Stevie Crye?

Bisson, Terry
Hugo Neb   1990  Bears Discover Fire
HNom   1994  Dead Man's Curve
HNom NNom   1993  England Underway
NNom   nt  1993  Necronauts
HNom   1991  Press Ann
HNom   nt  1993  The Shadow Knows
NNom   1991  They're Made Out of Meat

Bixby, Jerome
[a,c,f]  1953  It's a *Good* Life
      A classic horror tale
[a]  1954  The Holes Around Mars
      Puns, puns, puns -- arl

Blaylock, James P.
  1987  Land of Dreams
      Recommended by po
NNom   1985  Paper Dragons
[Pf]  1984  The Digging Leviathan

Blish, James
[f]  1956  A Work of Art
[a,g]  nt  1954  Beep
NNom [k,Pf]  1968  Black Easter
[a]  nt  1952  Bridge
      Incorporated into 'Cities in Flight'
Hugo [i,Psf]  1958  Case of Conscience, A
[a,f]  1953  Common Time
  1964  Doctor Mirabilis
[i]  1955  Earthman Come Home
      Part of "Cities in Flight" series
[c]  nv  1953  Earthman Come Home
      Included in the novel of the same name
  1966  How Beautiful with Banners
      Recommended by arl
[a]  1952  Jack of Eagles
[i]  1962  Life for the Stars, A
      Part of "Cities in Flight series"
  nf  1970  More Issues at Hand
      written using pseudonym of William Atheling
  1957  Seedling Stars, The
      Fixup novel
[a,f]  1941  Solar Plexus
[a,c,g]  nt  1952  Surface Tension
      Incorporated in a radically different version in "The Seedling Stars". Superb -- po
[a]  nt  1953  Testament of Andros
[a,e]  1949  The Box
[k,Pf]  1971  The Day After Judgement
  nf  1964  The Issue at Hand
      Written using pseudonym of William Atheling
[i]  1958  The Triumph of Time
      Part of "Cities in Flight" series. AKA 'A Clash of Cymbals'
[a]  nv  1941  There Shall Be No Darkness
[i]  1957  They Shall Have Stars
      Part of "Cities in Flight" series
[a]  1941  Tiger Ride
[a]  1955  Watershed
      Incorporated in "The Seedling Stars"
HNom   nv  1969  We All Die Naked

Bloch, Robert
  1956  A Way of Life
      Minor, but funny in a fannish manner -- arl
[g]  1955  I Do Not Love Thee, Doctor Fell
Hugo   1958  That Hell-Bound Train
  1951  The Man Who Collected Poe
  1950  The Shadow from the Steeple
  1935  The Shambler from the Stars
[f]  1939  The Strange Flight of Richard Clayton

Block, Lawrence
[f]  1959  Make a Prison

Bond, Nelson
[a,f]  1946  Conquerer's Island
  1950  Lancelot Biggs, Spaceman
      A fix-up novel. Suggested by arl
[f]  nt  1939  Pilgrimage

Bone, J. F.
[f]  1961  A Prize for Edie
  nv    Insidekick
      Recommended by mlo
HNom [b]  1958  Triggerman

Borges, Jorge Luis
      The Garden of the Forking Paths
  1941  The Library of Babel
[g]  1941  Tlon, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius
NNom   1975  Utopia of a Tired Man

Boucher, Anthony
[f]  1954  Balaam
[f]  nv  1942  Barrier
[a]  1945  Mr. Lupescu
[d,f]  1943  Q. U. R.
  1942  Rocket to the Morgue
      Mystery set in SF writer's group with many recognizeable people
[f]  1941  Snulbug
[a]  nv  1942  The Compleat Werewolf
[a,c,f]  1951  The Quest for Saint Aquin
[e]  1952  The Star Dummy
[a]  1943  They Bite

Boulle, Pierre
  1963  Planet of the Apes
      This novel was written before the movies were made

Bova, Ben
  1972  As on a Darkling Plain
NNom   1993  Inspiration
  1973  SF Hall of Fame Vol 2

Bova, Ben and Harlan Ellison
HNom   1970  Brillo

Brackett, Leigh
[a,f]  nt  1943  The Halfling
[a]  nt  1949  The Lake of Gone Forever
[Psf]  1955  The Long Tomorrow
[k]  1949  The Sword of Rhiannon
      Classic lost Mars novel. Great! - arl
[f]  nt  1945  The Vanishing Venusians
[a,f]  nt  1944  The Veil of Astellar

Bradbury, Ray
[Pf]  1957  Dandelion Wine
      A loose fix-up novel
[a,i,Psf]  1951  Fahrenheit 451
      Originally titled "The Fireman"
[a,f]  1949  Kaleidoscope
[a,c,f]  1948  Mars Is Heaven!
      Incorporated in "The Martian Chronicles"
      Something Wicked This Way Comes
      Recommended by jam
  1949  The Exiles
      Incorporated into "The Martian Chronicles"
[f]  1951  The Fire Balloons
  1972  The Halloween Tree
  1951  The Illustrated Man
[i,Psf]  1958  The Martian Chronicles
      This is not a novel, but a collection of loosely-related stories
[f]  1946  The Million Year Picnic
      Incorporated in "The Martian Chronicles"
[f]  1952  The Pedestrian
[f]  1952  The Sound of Thunder
  s?  1946  The Veldt
[f]  1950  There Will Come Soft Rains
  1950  Usher II
[f,g]  1947  Zero Hour

Bradbury, Ray and Leigh Brackett
[f]  nv  1946  Lorelei of the Red Mist

Bradley, Marion Zimmer
  1964  The Bloody Sun
      Original version, *NOT* the 1979 re-write! -- po
HNom   1977  The Forbidden Tower
  1983  The Mists of Avalon
HNom   1961  The Sword of Aldones
[f]  nt  1959  The Wind People
  1971  The World Wreckers

Bramah, Ernst
  1928  Kai Lung Unrolls His Mat
  1922  Kai Lung's Golden Hours
      Recommended by kp

Brennert, Alan
Neb   1991  Ma Qui

Bretnor, Reginald
NNom   1967  Earthwoman
[f]  1956  The Doorstop
  1950  The Gnurrs Come From the Voodvork Out

Breuer, Miles J.
[g]  1930  The Hungry Guinea Pig

Brewster, Kent
NNom   1995  In the Pound, Near Breaktime

Brin, David
HNom   1995  Brightness Reef
HNom   1990  Earth
HNom   1993  Glory Season
  nt  1990  Piecework
      Recommended by arl
Hugo Neb [i]  1983  Startide Rising
  1980  Sundiver
Hugo   1984  The Crystal Spheres
HNom   1988  The Giving Plague
HNom NNom   1985  The Postman
  nv  1982  The Postman
      Incorporated in the novel of the same name
  1984  The Practice Effect
      Recommended by kp
Hugo NNom [i]  1987  The Uplift War
HNom   nt  1986  Thor Meets Captain America
[g]  nv  1991  What Continues, What Fails...

Bringsvaerd, Tor Aage
[g]  1968  Codemus

Broderick, Damien
[Psf]  1980  The Dreaming Dragons

Brown, Fredric
[f]  1954  Answer
[c,e,f]  nt  1944  Arena
[f]  1941  Armageddon
[a]  nv  1949  Come and Go Mad
[a,f]  nt  1943  Daymare
[f]  1953  Hall of Mirrors
[f]  1948  Knock
[b]  1949  Letter to a Phoenix
[a]  1954  Martians Go Home
      Expanded from earlier novella of same name
  1961  Nightmares and Geezenstacks
HNom [f]  1945  Pi in the Sky
[a,f]  1946  Placet Is a Crazy Place
  1953  The Lights in the Sky Are Stars
[d,f]  1942  The Star Mouse
HNom [a,f]  nt  1945  The Waveries
[f]  1951  The Weapon
[i]  1949  What Mad Universe
      Expanded from shorter 1948 version

Brown, Mary
  1986  The Unlikely Ones
      A creative fantasy -- po

Brown, Rosel George
  1966  Sibyl Sue Blue
      Recommended by arl

Brown, Rosel George and Keith Laumer
  1966  Earthblood

Broxon, Mildred Downey
NNom   nt  1981  Sea Changling

Brunner, John
HNom   nv  1971  Dread Empire
      Contained in "Traveller in Black"
  nt  1955  No Future in It
  1975  Shockwave Rider
Hugo NNom [Psf]  1968  Stand on Zanzibar
NNom   1969  The Jagged Orbit
  1965  The Long Result
NNom   1972  The Sheep Look Up
HNom   1965  The Squares of the City
  1973  The Stone that Never Came Down
      Suggested by cjh
[f]  nt  1963  The Totally Rich
  1966  The Traveler in Black
HNom [i]  1964  The Whole Man
  1969  Times Without Number

Brust, Steven
  1986  Brokedown Palace
      It shoulda been a contender... -- po
  1983  Jhereg
  1991  The Phoenix Guards
      Recommended by kp
  1987  The Sun, Moon and the Stars
  1984  To Reign in Hell
      Recommended by kp
  1984  Yendi

Bryant, Edward
HNom Neb [g]  1979  giANTS
NNom   1977  Particle Theory
NNom   1973  Shark
HNom Neb   1978  Stone
NNom   nt  1980  Strata
NNom   1976  The Hibakusha Gallery
HNom NNom   nt  1981  The Thermals of August

Budrys, Algis
  1975  A Scraping of the Bones
NNom   1992  Hard Landing
[Psf]  1977  Michaelmas
[a,f]  1955  Nobody Bothers Gus
HNom [c,Psf]  1960  Rogue Moon
[f]  1956  Silent Brother
HNom   1958  The Edge of the Sea
[a,f]  nt  1954  The End of Summer
[a]  nv  1953  The Real People
HNom   nv  1975  The Silent Eyes of Time
[f]  1961  Wall of Crystal, Eye of Night
HNom   1958  Who?

Bujold, Lois McMaster
Hugo NNom   1991  Barrayar
HNom Neb   1988  Falling Free
      Dreadful! - cjh
A nice old-time Astounding-style story - jam

HNom   1996  Memory
Hugo   1994  Mirror Dance
  1986  Shards of Honor
Hugo Neb   nv  1989  The Mountains of Mourning
Hugo   1990  The Vor Game
NNom   nv  1990  Weatherman
      Incorporated into ??

Bulgakov, Mikhail
  1966  The Master and Margarita

Bull, Emma
HNom NNom   1991  Bone Dance
  1994  Finder
      Recommended by po & mlo
  nt  1992  Silver or Gold
  1987  War for the Oaks
      Perfect -- po

Bulychev, Kirill
[g]  1977  I Was First to Find You

Bunch, David R.
  1971  Moderan
      A collection of the Moderan stories. Recommended by arl

Burford, Lolah
  1972  The Vision of Stephen
      Recommended by arl

Burger, Donys
  1965  Sphereland
      Recommended by po

Burgess, Anthony
[i,Psf]  1962  A Clockwork Orange
      Novel was written before the movie was made
  1982  The End of the World News
      Recommended by arl
[g]  1964  The Muse

Burroughs, Edgar Rice
  1930  A Fighting Man of Mars
  1922  At the Earth's Core
  1941  Llana of Gathol
      Minor -- arl
    Out of Time's Abyss
      Recommended by po
  1923  Pellucidar
[i,k]  1912  Princess of Mars, A
HNom   nt  1963  Savage Pellucidar
  1935  Swords of Mars
  1933  Tarzan and the Lion Men
      Excellent ending with Tarzan in Hollywood -- arl
  1930  Tarzan at the Earth's Core
[k]  1912  Tarzan of the Apes
      Seminal -- arl
  1922  The Chessmen of Mars
  1912  The Gods of Mars
  1918  The Land That Time Forgot
      Recommended by po
  1928  The Master Mind of Mars
      Brain transplants galore -- arl
    The People that Time Forgot
      Recommended by po
  1913  The Return of Tarzan
  1939  The Synthetic Men of Mars
  1914  The Warlord of Mars
  1916  Thuvia, Maid of Mars

Burroughs, William S.
[Pf]  1981  Cities of the Red Night
[Psf]  1964  Nova Express

Burstein, Michael A.
HNom   1995  TeleAbsence

Butler, Octavia
Hugo Neb   nt  1984  Bloodchild
  1984  Clay's Ark
      Recommended by po
  1979  Kindred
      Recommended by po
  1977  Mind of My Mind
      Recommended by po
NNom   1993  Parable of the Sower
      Recommended by po
  1976  Patternmaster
Hugo   1983  Speech Sounds
NNom   nt  1987  The Evening and the Morning and the Night
[Psf]  1980  The Wild Seed
      Recommended by po

Butler, Samuel
      Another one of those 'classics' -- po

Cabell, James Branch
  1919  Jurgen
      Quite controversial in its day, but hopelessly dateed today -- it's adolescent giggling at sex -- mlo

Cadigan, Pat
HNom NNom   1987  Angel
HNom   nt  1991  Dispatches from the Revolution
HNom NNom   nv  1990  Fool to Believe
      Incorporated into "Fools"
NNom   1986  Pretty Boy Crossover
NNom   1991  Synners
NNom   1990  The Power and the Passion
HNom   nt  1992  True Faces

Cady, Jack
HNom Neb   nv  1993  The Night We Buried Road Dog

Calvino, Italo
[g]  1968  A Sign in Space
[g]  1968  The Spiral

Campbell, John W.
  ps    See also pseudonym Don A. Stuart
  1934  Atomic Power
      Written as by 'Don A. Stuart'
[g]  1934  Atomic Power
      Written under the pseudonym of 'Don A. Stuart'
  1935  Blindness
      Written as by "Don A. Stuart"
[a,f]  nv  1939  Cloak of Aesir
      Written as by "Don A. Stuart"
[a]  nt  1938  Dead Knowledge
[d,g]  nt  1937  Forgetfulness
      Written as by "Don A. Stuart"
  1961  Invaders from the Infinite
      Classic super science. Arcot-Wade-Morey #3
  1956  Islands of Space
      Classic super science. Arcot-Wade-Morey #2
  1935  Night
      Recommended by arl
  1962  Prologue to Analog
      Excellent collection of SF from Astounding from the 50's
  1952  The ASF Anthology
  1953  The Black Star Passes
      Classic super science. Arcot-Wade-Morey #1
  1935  The Mightiest Machine
      The ultimate super-science novel of the 30's
  1951  The Moon Is Hell
      Not very good -- mlo
[c]  1934  Twilight
      Written as by "Don A. Stuart"
[c,d]  nv  1938  Who Goes There?
      "Possibly the best SF story ever written." -- Isaac Asimov

Campbell, Ramsey
  ss  1989  Meeting the Author
      Recommended by arl
[Pf]  1986  The Hungry Moon

Capek, Karl
[i]  1920  R. U. R.
      The original robot story and the source of the word 'robot'.
[i]  1936  War with the Newts
      An sf analogy to WW II.

Card, Orson Scott
HNom   nt  1989  Dogwalker
Hugo Neb [i]  1985  Ender's Game
  nt  1977  Ender's Game
      Expanded into the Hugo-winning novel of the same name
Hugo   nv  1987  Eye for Eye
  1983  Hart's Hope
      Really strange fantasy -- po
HNom NNom   nt  1986  Hatrack River
      Incorporated in "Seventh Son"
HNom NNom   1989  Lost Boys
HNom NNom   nt  1978  Mikal's Songbird
HNom NNom   1989  Prentice Alvin
HNom NNom   1988  Red Prophet
HNom   1987  Seventh Son
HNom   nv  1979  Songhouse
Hugo Neb   1986  Speaker for the Dead
HNom NNom   nt  1985  The Fringe
  nv  1990  The Originist
      The best Foundation story ever written, Asimov's included. It keeps Asimov's feel and is much better written -- mlo
HNom NNom   1979  Unaccompanied Sonata
  1987  Wyrms
      Minor -- kp. Seriously underrated -- po
HNom   1991  Xenocide

Carlson, William K.
NNom   nv  1975  Sunrise West

Carr, John Dickson
[a,k]  1951  The Devil in Velvet
      Time travel, mystery & romance

Carr, Terry
    Best of the Year anthologies
      His whole series of Best of the Year books, both with DAW and lone, is excellent -- mlo
NNom   1976  Cirque
HNom NNom   1968  The Dance of the Changer and the Three

Carrere, Emmanuel
  1990  Gothic Romance
      Excellent and unjustly neglected -- arl

Carrington, Grant
NNom   nt  1976  His Hour Upon the Stage

Carroll, Jonathan
  1987  Bones of the Moon
[Pf]  1980  Land of Laughs
HNom   nv  1992  Uh-Oh City

Carroll, Lewis
[i,k]  1865  Alice in Wonderland
[i,k]  1871  Through the Looking Glass

Carter, Angela
[Psf]  1969  Heroes and Villains
[Pf]  1984  Nights at the Circus
[k,Pf]  1972  The Infernal Desire Machine of Dr. Hoffman
[Pf]  1977  The Passion of New Eve

Carter, Paul A.
[f]  nt  1946  The Last Objective

Cartmill, Cleve
[f]  nt  1944  Deadline
      A definitive (and nearly the only) example of SF's predictive abilities -- mlo
[d]  1942  The Link

Chambers, Robert W.
  1895  The King in Yellow
      Became a cult book in the Chthulu Mythos!

Chandler, A. Bertram
  se    Commodore Grimes series
HNom [a,f]  nv  1945  Giant Killer
[f]  1957  The Cage
  nt  1969  The Kinsolving's Planet Irregulars

Chant, Joy
[Pf]  1970  Red Moon and Black Mountain
  1977  The Grey Mane of Morning

Chappell, Fred
  ss  1991  The Somewhere Doors
      Recommended by arl

Charnas, Suzy McKee
HNom   nt  1996  Beauty and the Opera or the Phanton Beast
Hugo NNom   1989  Boobs
NNom   nt  1986  Listening to Brahms
  1978  Motherlines
      Recommended by arl
NNom [Pf]  1981  The Vampire Tapestry
Neb   nv  1980  Unicorn Tapestry
[Psf]  1974  Walk to the End of the World

Cherryh, C. J.
  1976  Brothers of Earth
Hugo NNom   1978  Cassandra
  1986  Chanur's Homecoming
HNom   1985  Cuckoo's Egg
Hugo   1988  Cyteen
Hugo   1981  Downbelow Station
  1991  Heavy Time
      Recommended by cjh
  1982  Merchanter's Luck
      After reading this book, 'Downbelow Station' make sense -- po
  1980  Serpent's Reach
      Recommended by kp
HNom NNom   1978  The Faded Sun: Kesrith
  1978  The Faded Sun: Shon'jir
      The best of that series -- po
  1985  The Kif Strike Back
      Recommended by cjh
The other volumes in series are Chanur's Venture and Chanur's Homecoming.

HNom   1982  The Pride of Chanur
HNom   nv  1985  The Scapegoat
      Do you know the *whole* story? -- cjh

Chiang, Ted
HNom Neb   nt  1990  Tower of Babylon
HNom   nt  1991  Understand

Chilson, Robert
  1989  Men Like Rats
      Recommended by po

Christopher, John
  1971  Beyond the Burning Lands
      2nd in 'Prince in Waiting' series. Recommended by po
[Psf]  1956  No Blade of Grass
      AKA 'The Death of Grass'
  1970  Prince in Waiting
      First in series. Recommended by po
  1967  The City of Gold and Lead
      Part of the Tripods series. Recommended by kp
  1968  The Pool of Fire
      Part of the Tripods series. Recommended by kp
  1972  The Sword of the Spirits
      3rd in 'Prince in Waiting' series. Recommended by po
  1967  The White Mountains
      Part of the Tripods series. Recommended by kp

Clark, John D.
  1937  Minus Planet
      Not great, but the first SF story to eal with anti-matter -- arl

Clarke, Arthur C.
  1951  "If I Forget Thee, O Earth..."
      Recommended by mlo
  1968  2001: A Space Odyssey
HNom   1982  2010: Odyssey two
HNom   1962  A Fall of Moondust
HNom Neb [g]  nv  1971  A Meeting with Medusa
[a,i]  1948  Against the Fall of Night
      Rewritten as 'The City and the Stars'
  1961  Before Eden
[a,i,Psf]  1953  Childhood's End
      Good, but overrated -- mlo
[f]  1961  Death and the Senator
  1955  Earthlight
      Recommended by mlo
  1953  Encounter at Dawn
[e,f]  1949  History Lesson
[f]  1960  I Remember Babylon
      A prediction story which is coming true, but completely reversed!
  nt  1953  Jupiter V
      Recommended by mlo
[e]  1946  Loophole
Hugo Neb   1973  Rendezvous With Rama
[e,f]  1946  Rescue Party
  1951  Sands of Mars
  1951  Second Dawn
[f]  nt  1951  Superiority
[f]  1946  Technical Error
[i,Psf]  1956  The City and the Stars
      Major re-write of 'Against the Fall of Night' and greatly improved. Clarke's best, in my opinion -- mlo
[a,f]  1954  The Deep Range
      Expanded into novel of same name
[f]  1947  The Fires Within
  1953  The Forgotten Enemy
Hugo Neb   1979  The Fountains of Paradise
[g]  1965  The Longest Science Fiction Story Ever Told
[c,f]  1953  The Nine Billion Names of God
  nv  1950  The Road to the Sea
      Recommended by mlo
  1951  The Sentinel
      Recommended by mlo
  nt  1957  The Songs of Distant Earth
      Later expanded into a novel of the same name
Hugo [f,g]  1955  The Star
  nt  1949  The Wall of Darkness
  1952  Time's Arrow
  1949  Transcience
      Recommended by mlo
[g]  1971  Transit of Earth

Clayton, Jo
  1986  Skeen's Leap
  1986  Skeen's Return
  1987  Skeen's Search

Clement, Hal
  1958  Close to Critical
  1957  Cycle of Fire
      Recommended by kp
  nt  1952  Halo
      Recommended by arl
[f]  nt  1963  Hot Planet
  1953  Iceworld
[i,Psf]  1953  Mission of Gravity
      The best hard SF novel ever written. -- mlo, arl
[a,i]  1949  Needle
[a,f,g]  1942  Proof
HNom   1970  Star Light
Hugo   1945  Uncommon Sense
      One of the best SF problem stories ever written -- mlo

Clifton, Mark
[f]  nv  1956  Clerical Error
[f]  1962  Hang Head, Vandal!
[a]  nt  1955  Sense from Thought Divide
[a]  nt  1952  Star Bright
[a,f]  1952  What Have I Done?
[f]  nt  1959  What Now Little Man?

Clingerman, Mildred
[a]  1955  Birds Can't Count
[f]  1954  Letters from Laura
[a]  1952  Minister Without Portfolio

Clute, John
Hugo   nf  1995  Science Fiction: The Illustrated Encyclopedia

Clute, John and Peter Nicholls
Hugo   nf  1993  The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Cogswell, Theodore
  nf  1993  PITFCS: Proceedings of the Institute for Twenty-First Century Studies
      A collected fanzine of the best writers of the 50s

Cogswell, Theodore R.
HNom   nf  1993  PITFCS: The Proceedings of the Institute for Twenty-First Century Studies
      A reprinting of a classic 50's professional fanzine
[a,c]  nv  1952  The Spectre General
      Super! -- arl
[a,f]  nt  1953  The Wall Around the World

Cole, E. B.
  1961  The Philosophical Corps
      A fix-up novel

Compton, D. G.
NNom   1970  The Steel Crocodile
  1974  The Unsleeping Eye
      Recommended by arl

Coney, Michael
  1982  Cat Karina
      Recommended by po
  1984  Gods of the Greataway
      Recommended by po
  1975  Jaws that Bite, the Claws that Catch
      Recommended by po
  1989  King of the Sceptered Isle
      Recommended by po
NNom   nt  1995  Tea and Hamsters
  1973  The Hero of Downways
      Recommended by po

Conklin, Groff
Groff Conklin was the first great anthologist of the field, and his anthologies, particularly the earlier ones, are nearly definitive collections of the great short SF of the time. -- mlo
      Many anthologies...

Conner, Mike
Neb   nt  1991  Guide Dog

Cooper, Edmund
  1958  Deadly Image
      Recommended by arl
  1969  Sea-Horse in the Sky
      Recommended by po
  1972  The Overman Culture
      Recommended by po

Cooper, Susan
  1974  Greenwitch
  1965  Over Sea, Under Stone
  1977  Silver on the Tree
  1973  The Dark is Rising
  1975  The Grey King

Coppel, Alfred
  1960  Dark December
      Recommended by po

Coupling, J. J.
  ps    Pseudonym of John R. Pierce
[a,f]  1948  Period Piece

Cowper, Richard
HNom NNom   nv  1976  Piper at the Gates of Dawn
HNom   nv  1975  The Custodians
NNom   1979  The Road to Corlay
  1974  The Twilight of Briareus
      Recommended by po

Crook, Compton
  ps    See pseudonym Stephen Tall

Crowley, John
[Pf]  1987  Aegypt
[i,Psf]  1979  Engine Summer
HNom   1996  Gone
NNom   nv  1989  Great Work of Time
HNom NNom [i,Pf]  1981  Little, Big
HNom NNom   1985  Snow

Cummings, Ray
  1922  The Girl in the Golden Atom
      The original each-atom-is-a-solar-system story

Curtis, Betsy
HNom   1968  The Steiger Effect

Daley, Brian
  1983  A Tapestry of Magics
      Recommended by po

Daniel, Tony
HNom   1995  Life on the Moon

Dann, Jack
NNom   1978  A Quiet Revolution for Death
NNom   nv  1981  Amnesia
NNom   nt  1984  Bad Medicine
NNom   nt  1983  Blind Shemmy
NNom   nt  1979  Camps
Neb   nv  1995  Da Vinci Rising
NNom   1981  Going Under
NNom   nv  1973  Junction
NNom   1984  The Man Who Melted

Davidson, Avram
  nf  1993  Adventures in Unhistory
      Recommended by mlo
NNom   nv  1966  Clash of the Star Kings
NNom   nv  1983  Eszterhazy and the Autogondola-Invention
Hugo [f]  1957  Or All the Seas with Oysters
[g]  1955  The Golem
[Pf]  1969  The Phoenix and the Mirror
[l]  nt  1961  The Sources of the Nile
NNom   nv  1980  There Beneath the Silky Trees and Whelmed in Deeper Gulphs Than Me
NNom   1987  Vergil in Averno
NNom   nv  1984  Young Doctor Esterhazy

Davidson, Avram and Ward Moore
  1971  Joyleg

Davis, Chan
[f]  1959  Adrift on the Policy Level
[f]  1947  Letter to Ellen

de Camp, L. Sprague
  1958  An Elephant for Aristotle
      Actually, this is historical fiction
  1958  Aristotle and the Gun
[a]  nv  1949  Cosmic Manhunt
  nv  1939  Divide and Rule
  1956  Gun for Dinosaur, A
[e]  1938  Hyperpilosity
      Funny but minor -- arl
[a]  1955  Judgment Day
[a]  1941  Land of Unreason
[a,i]  1939  Lest Darkness Fall
[a]  1939  Nothing in the Rules
[d,f]  nt  1939  The Blue Giraffe
[a]  nv  1951  The Continent Makers
[b,f]  1940  The Exalted
[a,f]  1939  The Gnarly Man
  1968  The Goblin Tower
[a]  1950  The Hand of Zei
[k]  1951  The Tritonian Ring
[a]  1942  The Undesired Princess
[f]  1940  The Warrior Race
[a]  nv  1940  The Wheels of If
Hugo   nf  1996  Time and Chance

de Camp, L. Sprague and Fletcher Pratt
[a,Pf]  1941  Castle of Iron
[a,k]  1941  Land of Unreason
[a,i]  1940  The Incomplete Enchanter
      A collection of the first 3 'Enchanter' stories
  1953  The Wall of Serpents

de Lint, Charles
  1987  Jack the Giant Killer
      Recommended by cjh
  1984  Moonheart
  1989  Svaha
      Cyberpunkish fantasy -- po
  1991  The Little Country
  1986  Yarrow

Dean, Pamela
  1991  Tam Lin
      Superior fantasy transposition -- dms

del Rey, Lester
[a]  1951  ...And It Comes Out Here
[a,f]  1940  Dark Mission
[a,f]  1939  Day Is Done
[a]  nv  1954  For I Am a Jealous People!
      Humanity vs. God! -- arl
[c]  1938  Helen O'Loy
[f]  1941  Hereafter, Inc.
[a,e]  1952  Instinct
HNom [a,f]  nt  1945  Into Thy Hands
[f]  1944  Kindness
[c,d,f,i]  1942  Nerves
[b]  1949  Over the Top
[a,f]  1942  The Wings of Night
  nv  1951  Wind Between the Worlds
      Good! -- arl

Delaney, Joseph H.
HNom   nv  1982  Brainchild
HNom   nv  1983  In the Face of My Enemy

Delany, Samuel R.
HNom [g]  1967  Aye, and Gomorrah
HNom Neb   1966  Babel-17
NNom   1975  Dhalgren
      The most famous unread novel in the field -- mlo
NNom   1967  Driftglass
HNom NNom   nv  1968  Lines of Power
HNom [i,Psf]  1968  Nova
      Old-time space opera by one of SF's major stylists -- arl
HNom   nt  1977  Prismatica
[i]    Stars in My Pocket like Grains of Sand
  1965  The Ballad of Beta-2
      An underrated piece -- po
HNom Neb   1967  The Einstein Intersection
Hugo   nf  1988  The Motion of Light in Water
HNom   nv  1967  The Star-Pit
NNom   nv  1979  The Tale of Gorgik
Hugo Neb   nt  1969  Time Considered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Stones
NNom   1976  Triton

Denton, Bradley
HNom NNom   nv  1988  The Calvin Coolidge Home for Dead Comedians
HNom NNom   nv  1992  The Territory

Deutsch, A. J.
[a,e,f]  1950  A Subway Named Mobius

Di Filippo, Paul
  1993  Campbell's World
      A bit of a gimmick story, but enjoyable -- mlo
NNom   1987  Kid Charlemagne
NNom   1992  Lennon Spex

DiChario, Nicholas A.
HNom   1992  The Winterberry

Dick, Philip K.
[a]  nt  1955  Autofac
[a]  1952  Beyond Lies the Wub
[f]  1955  Captive Market
  1975  Confessions of a Crap Artist
      Not SF
NNom [Psf]  1968  Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
[Psf]  1965  Dr. Bloodmoney
[i]    Eye in the Sky
HNom   nt  1967  Faith of Our Fathers
HNom NNom   1974  Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said
[a]  1954  Foster, You're Dead
[f]  1963  If There Were No Benny Cemoli
[a,f]  1953  Imposter
[i,Psf]  1964  Martian Time Slip
[a,g]  nt  1953  Second Variety
[l]  1963  Stand-by
[a,f]  1954  The Father-Thing
[a]  nt  1954  The Golden Man
[g]  1953  The Indefatigable Frog
Hugo [i,Psf]  1962  The Man in the High Castle
      One of the best alternate histories -- arl
NNom   1982  The Transmigration of Timothy Archer
  1964  The Waterspider
[Psf]  1965  Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch
      Not to everyone's taste -- mlo
[Psf]  1959  Time Out of Joint
  1969  Ubik
  nv  1966  We Can Remember It for You Wholesale

Dickens, Charles
[k]  nv  1843  A Christmas Carol

Dickson, Gordon R.
[a,f]  1954  Black Charlie
HNom Neb   nt  1966  Call Him Lord
[g]  1964  Dolphin's Way
HNom [i]  1959  Dorsai!
      Also titled "The Genetic General"
HNom   nt  1970  Jean Dupres
Hugo NNom   nv  1980  Lost Dorsai
[f]  nt  1962  Roofs of Silver
  1971  Sleepwalker's World
      Recommended by po
Hugo [i]  nt  1964  Soldier, Ask Not
  nt  1984  Steel Brother
Hugo   nt  1980  The Cloak and the Staff
      Incorporated into 'The Way of the Pilgrim'
[Pf]  1976  The Dragon and the George
  1985  The Final Encyclopedia
[i]  1970  The Tactics of Mistake
  1987  The Way of the Pilgrim
      Recommended by jr
HNom   1977  Time Storm
  1968  Wolfling

Disch, Thomas M.
NNom [Psf]  1974  334
[g]  1974  Angouleme
NNom   nt  1970  Asian Shores
[i,Psf]  1968  Camp Concentration
[l]  1964  Now is Forever
HNom NNom [i,Psf]  1979  On Wings of Song
  nt  1967  Problems of Creativeness
      Origin of 334, recommended by arl
HNom NNom   nv  1980  The Brave Little Toaster
[k,Pf]  1984  The Businessman
HNom   nt  1978  The Man Who Had No Idea
NNom   nt  1982  Understanding Human Behavior
NNom   1988  Voices of the Kill

Donaldson, Stephen R.
"I recommend the Gap series. The first book is very nasty. The others are also nasty, but not quite to the degree of the first. However, despite this (maybe in some ways because of this) they are very good. They are also very imaginative. Sort of a dark space opera, in which all the characters should have been drowned at birth." -- jam
    A Dark and Hungry God Arises
[Pf]  1977  Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever
      A rotten series -- mlo
I liked it -- jam
  nv  1984  Daughter of Regals
      Recommended by po
    Forbidden Knowledge
    The Real Story: The Gap Into Knowledge

Doyle, Arthur Conan
[k]  1912  The Lost World
  1913  The Poison Belt

Dozois, Gardner
Gardner Dozois is probably the best modern editor of SF. His Best of the Year books are probably the definities post-Carr series.
NNom   1970  A Dream at Noonday
HNom NNom   nt  1972  A Kingdom by the Sea
HNom NNom   nv  1971  A Special Kind of Morning
HNom NNom   nv  1973  Chains of the Sea
  s?    Descending
      Recommended by dgg
NNom   1981  Disciples
NNom   1971  Horse of Air
Neb   1984  Morning Child
HNom NNom   nv  1974  Strangers
HNom NNom   1983  The Peacemaker

Dozois, Gardner, Jack Dann and Michael Swanwick
NNom   1985  The Gods of Mars

Duane, Diane
  1983  So You Want to Be a Wizard
      Pleasant YA -- po
  1979  The Door into Fire

Dunsany, Lord
  1972  Beyond the Fields We Know
  1922  Don Rodriguez: Chronicles of Shadow Valley
  1959  Gods, Men and Ghosts
      Late collection which includes most of the Pegana stories
  1926  The Charwoman's Shadow
[i,k]  1924  The King of Elfland's Daughter

Duntemann, Jeff
HNom   1980  Cold Hands
HNom   1980  Guardian

Dyer, S. N.
NNom   nt  1992  The July Ward

Eager, Edward
[i]  1954  Half Magic
  1956  Knight's Castle
      Fine YA fantasy -- po

Eddings, David
  1982  Pawn of Prophecy
      First of looong series after which they start to degrade -- po

Eddison, E. R.
[a]  1941  A Fish Dinner in Memison
      Widely held to be unreadable -- mlo & kp
    Mistress of Mistresses
      Recommended by jam
[k]  1926  Worm Ouroboros

Edmondson, G. C.
  1981  To Sail the Century Sea
      Recommended by arl

Edwards, Dolton
[b,f]  1946  Meihem in ce Klasrum

Effinger, George Alec
HNom   1989  A Fire in the Sun
HNom   1971  All the Last Wars at Once
HNom   nt  1989  Everything But Honor
NNom   nv  1989  Marid Changes His Mind
Hugo Neb   nt  1988  Schrodinger's Kitten
NNom   1984  The Aliens Who Knew, I Mean *Everything*
HNom   nt  1973  The City on the Sand
  1979  The Pinch Hitters
      Recommended by arl
NNom   1972  What Entropy Means to Me
HNom NNom   1987  When Gravity Fails

Egan, Greg
HNom   nt  1994  Cocoon
HNom   nt  1995  Luminous
HNom   nt  1995  Tap

Eisenstein, Phyllis
HNom NNom   nv  1981  In the Western Tradition
HNom   nt  1982  Nightlife
[Pf]  1979  Sorcerer's Son

Eklund, Gordon
NNom   nt  1970  Dear Aunt Annie

Eklund, Gordon and Gregory Benford
Neb   nt  1974  If the Stars Are Gods

Elgin, Suzette Hagin
  1981  Twelve Fair Kingdoms

Elliott, H. Chandler
  1955  Reprieve from Paradise
      Recommended by arl

Ellison, Harlan
Hugo Neb   1965  'Repent, Harlequin!' Said the Ticktockman
HNom Neb   nv  1969  A Boy and His Dog
Hugo   nt  1974  Adrift Just Off the Islets of Langerhans
  1972  Again, Dangerous Visions
HNom   nv  1980  All the Lies That Are My Life
      F&SF version is abridged - full version is in "Shatterday"
HNom NNom   nt  1972  Basilisk
HNom   1978  Count the Clock That Tells the Time
HNom   1975  Croatoan
  1967  Dangerous Visions
HNom   1966  Delusion for a Dragon Slayer
  nf    How You Stupidly Blew a Chance....
      Ellison's resignation letter to SFWA (found in 'Strange Wine'. Recommended by jr
Hugo   1967  I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
Hugo Neb   1977  Jeffty Is Five
HNom NNom   nv  1993  Mefisto in Onyx
NNom   1972  On the Downhill Side
Hugo NNom   nt  1985  Paladin of the Lost Hour
HNom NNom   nt  1967  Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes
NNom   1975  Shatterday
NNom   1969  Shattered Like a Glass Goblin
Hugo   1968  The Beast That Shouted Love at the Heart of the World
Hugo NNom   nt  1973  The Deathbird
HNom   nt  1988  The Function of Dream Sleep
NNom   1993  The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore
  nt  1978  The New York Review of Bird
      The 'Strange Wine' version - the 'Weird Heros' version has deletions.
HNom NNom   nv  1970  The Region Between

Emshwiller, Carol
[f]  1959  Day at the Beach
[f]  1957  Hunting Machine

Erlich, Max
  1949  The Big Eye
      Recommended by arl

Ernst, Paul
[e]  1935  The 32nd of May
      Recommended by arl

Eskridge, Kelley
NNom   1995  Alien Jane

Farley, Ralph Milne
[e]  nt  1936  Liquid Life
      Recommended by arl. Empathy with an intelligent virus.

Farmer, Philip Jose
[i,Pf]  1969  A Feast Unknown
NNom   1974  After King Kong Fell
  1960  Flesh
  1957  Green Odyssey
      Good adventure -- po
  1968  Image of the Beast
  1964  Inside Outside
      Recommended by po
  1970  Lord Tyger
      recommened by David Grubbs
[a]  nt  1953  Mother
HNom   nt  1960  My Sister's Brother
      Originally titled "Open to Me My Sister"
  1966  Night of Light
      Recomended by arl
Hugo NNom   nv  1967  Riders of the Purple Wage
  1983  River of Eternity
      recommended by David Grubbs
[a,f]  1952  Sail On! Sail On!
HNom [f]  nt  1959  The Alley Man
HNom   nt  1965  The Day of the Great Shout
  1971  The Fabulous Riverboat
[i]  1952  The Lovers
      See also novel version in 1962
  1965  The Maker of Universes
[Psf]  1980  The Unreasoning Mask
Hugo   1971  To Your Scattered Bodies Go

Farnsworth, Duncan Wright
[a]  1940  All Roads

Faulkner, William
[a]  1950  A Fable

Feeley, Gregory
  nt  1996  The Weighing of Ayre
      Scientific warefare in an alternate 17th century -- mlo

Fehrenback, R. R.
[f]  1961  Remember the Alamo

Finney, Charles G.
[k]  1953  The Circus of Dr. Lao

Finney, Jack
[a,f]  1951  I'm Scared
[Pf]  1970  Time and Again

Florance-Guthridge, George
HNom NNom   1981  The Quiet

Flynn, Michael F.
HNom   nv  1986  Eifelheim
  1996  Firestar
      Great near-future SF -- mlo
  1990  In the Country of the Blind
[g]  nv  1990  Mammy Morgan Played the Organ
Her Daddy Beat the Drum
HNom   NV  1994  Melodies of the Heart
HNom   nv  1987  The Forest of Time

Ford, John M.
  1989  Casting Fortune
      Recommended by cjh. Collection of several related Liavek stories.
[g]  nt  1994  Chromatic Aberration
NNom   nt  1996  Erase/Record/Play
NNom   nv  1987  Fugue State
  1993  Growing Up Weightless
[g]  1984  Heat of Fusion
  1987  How Much for Just the Planet?
      A Star Trek novel and one of the funniest SF books written -- mlo
[i]  1983  The Dragon Waiting
  1988  The Scholars of the Night
      Historical thriller
Recommended by cjh, dms and mlo
  1980  Web of Angels
      Early cyberpunk? -- po

Forster, E. M.
[c]  nv  1928  The Machine Stops

Forward, Robert
  1980  Dragon's Egg

Forward, Robert L.
[g]  1979  The Singing Diamond

Foster, Alan Dean
  1973  Bloodhype
  1990  Cyber Way
      Navaho detective fantasy
  1974  Icerigger
      Recommended by kp
  1986  Into the Out Of
  1989  Quozl
      Wonderful aliens -- po
  1972  The Tar-Aiym Krang

Fowler, Karen Joy
NNom   1990  Lieserl
NNom   1992  Sarah Canary
NNom   1991  The Dark
HNom NNom   1987  The Faithful Companion at Forty

Fowles, John
[Pf]  1965  The Magus

Frank, Pat
[i,Psf]  1959  Alas, Babylon
      Recommended by kp

Franson, Robert Wilfred
  1983  The Shadow of the Ship
      Exceptionally interesting 'space' travel -- po & mlo

Frayn, Michael
[Pf]  1973  Sweet Dreams

Friedberg, Gertrude
  1966  The Revolving Boy
      Recommended by po

Friend, Oscar J.
[a,f]  1940  The Impossible Highway

Friesner, Esther
    Elf Defense
      Recommended by cjh

Friesner, Esther M.
HNom Neb   1995  A Birthday
NNom   1992  All Vows
Neb   1994  Death and the Librarian
      A most moving story -- mlo
  1988  Druid's Blood
      An excellently silly alternate history -- mlo
NNom   nt  1994  Jesus at the Bat
  1986  New York by Knight
      Recommended by po
  1993  Yesterday We Saw Mermaids
      Subdued and sad -- po

Fyfe, H. B.
[a]  1950  In Value Deceived
[a]  nv  1952  Moonwalk
[a,b]  1951  Protected Species

Gaiman, Neil and Terry Pratchett
  1990  Good Omens

Gallun, Raymond Z.
[e,g]  1935  Davy Jones' Ambassador
      An early sympathetic alien story -- arl
  1934  Old Faithful
      Recommended by arl
[d]  nt  1938  Seeds of the Dusk

Galouye, Daniel F.
HNom   1961  Dark Universe

Gardner, John
[Pf]  1971  Grendel

Gardner, Martin
[f]  1948  Thang

Garfinkle, Richard
  1996  Celestial Matters
      Recommended by mlo

Garner, Alan
[k]  1973  Red Shift
      Recommended by po
[Pf]  1967  The Owl Service
      Recommended by po

Garnett, David
HNom   1986  Still Life

Garrett, Randall
  ps    See also pseudonym Mark Phillips
  1978  Backstage Lensman
      Superb pastiche of Doc Smith's Lensman series which was hugely enjoyed by Doc Smith -- mlo
HNom   1977  Lauralyn
NNom   nt  1975  The Final Fighting of Fion MacCumhaill
[f]  nv  1961  The Highest Treason
[f]  nt  1954  The Hunting Lodge
[g]  1954  Time Fuze
HNom   1966  Too Many Magicians
      Superb fantasy detective novel -- mlo

Garrett, Randall and Lin Carter
  1957  Masters of the Metropolis
      Marvellous parody of 30's stf yarns -- arl

Garrett, Randall and Robert Silverberg
[b]  nt  1956  Sound Decision
  1959  The Dawning Light
      Written under the pseudonym of Robert Randall
  1957  The Shrouded Planet
      Written under the pseudonym of Robert Randall

Gernsback, Hugo
    Ralph 124C41+
      Dreadful writing but influential on a generation of sf writers -- arl

Gerrold, David
NNom   nt  1972  In the Deadlands
NNom   1976  Moonstar Odyssey
  1972  Space Skimmer
      Recommended by kp
HNom NNom [i]  1973  The Man Who Folded Himself
Hugo Neb   NT  1994  The Martian Child
HNom NNom   1972  When Harlie Was One

Gerrold, David and Larry Niven
  1971  The Flying Sorcerers
      Good SF which is also funny -- mlo

Geston, Mark
    Lords of the Starship
      Recommended by arl

Gibson, William
NNom   1982  Burning Chrome
HNom NNom   1986  Count Zero
NNom [g]  1981  Johnny Mnemonic
HNom NNom   1988  Mona Lisa Overdrive
Hugo Neb [Psf]  1984  Neuromancer
HNom NNom   nt  1986  The Winter Market
HNom   1993  Virtual Light

Gibson, William and Bruce Sterling
NNom   1991  The Difference Engine

Gilman, Carolyn
NNom   nt  1992  The Honeycrafters

Gilman, Greer
  1991  Moonwise
      Somewhat indescribable fantasy -- po

Godwin, Parke
HNom NNom   nt  1981  The Fire When It Comes

Godwin, Tom
[c,f,g]  1954  The Cold Equations
      An important story marred by a forced situation and dreadful engineering design -- arl
  1958  The Survivors

Goingback, Owl
NNom   1995  Grass Dancer

Gold, H. L.
[a,e]  nt  1938  A Matter of Form
[a,f]  1954  Man of Parts
[a]  1953  The Man with English
[a,f]  1939  Trouble with Water

Goldin, Stephen
NNom   1971  The Last Ghost

Golding, William
  nt  1956  Envoy Extrordinary
      Recommended by arl
[Pf]  1956  Pincher Martin
[Psf]  1955  The Inheritors

Goldman, William
  1973  The Princess Bride
      But just the good parts... -- po

Goldstein, Lisa
  1987  A Mask for the General
NNom   1992  Alfred
NNom   1987  Cassandra's Photographs
[Pf]  1985  The Dream Years
NNom   1994  The Narcissus Plague
  1982  The Red Magician

Goonan, Kathleen Ann
NNom   1996  The String

Gotleib, Phyllis
NNom   nv  1972  Son of the Morning

Goulart, Ron
[i]    When the Waker Sleeps

Gould, Steven
  1992  Jumper
      *Great* first novel -- po & mlo
HNom NNom   nt  1988  Peaches for Mad Molly
  1996  Wild Side
      Recommended by mlo

Grahame, Kenneth
  1933  The Wind in the Willows

Grant, C. L.
HNom Neb   1976  A Crowd of Shadows
Neb   nt  1978  A Glow of Candles, a Unicorn's Eye
NNom   1980  Secrets of the Heart
NNom   nv  1974  The Rest is Silence

Grant, Richard
[g]  1981  Drode's Equations

Graves, Robert
[a]  1945  Hercules My Shipmate
[Pf]  1949  Seven Days in New Crete

Gray, Alasdir
[Pf]  1981  Lanark

Green Jr., Robert M.
HNom NNom   nt  1966  Apology to Inky

Greenberg, Martin Harry
  1992  After the King
      An excellent original anthology -- a Festschrift for the Tolkein Centenary -- mlo

Greenhalgh, Zohra
  1989  Contrarywise
      Excellent and peculiar fantasy -- po & mlo

Gregor, Lee
[d]  1939  Heavy Planet

Grendon, Edward
[f]  1947  The Figure

Griffith, Nicola
Neb   1995  Slow River
NNom   nv  1995  Yagura

Grimm, Jacob Ludwig and Wilhelm
  1815  The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales
      Be sure to read an unbowdlerlized version!

Guin, Wyman
[a]  nv  1951  Beyond Bedlam
    1950  Trigger Tide
      Originally as by 'Norman Menasco'. Recommended by arl

Gunn, Eileen
HNom   1989  Computer Friendly
HNom   1988  Stable Strategies for Middle Management

Gunn, James
Hugo   nf  1982  Isaac Asimov: The Foundations of Science Fiction
[a,f]  1955  The Cave of Night
[f]  nv  1958  The Immortals
[a]  nv  1955  The Joy Ride
NNom   nt  1968  The Listeners
[a]  1952  The Misogynist

Guthridge, George
NNom   nt  1995  Mirror or Lop Nor

Haggard, H. Rider
  1887  Allan Quatermain
  1885  King Solomon's Mines
[k]  1886  She

Haldeman II, Jack C. and Jack Dann
NNom   1982  High Steel

Haldeman, Joe
  nv  1995  For White Hill
      A wonderful love story -- mlo
Neb   1992  Graves
HNom   nv  1972  Hero
HNom   1976  Mindbridge
NNom   1985  More Than the Sum of His Parts
Hugo NNom   1994  None So Blind
Hugo Neb   1975  The Forever War
Hugo Neb   nv  1990  The Hemingway Hoax
Hugo NNom   1976  Tricentennial

Hall, Austin and Homer Eon Flint
  1921  The Blind Spot
      Unreadable but important early work -- mlo. Hard slogging but you can get through it -- arl. A great story in there, anyway -- po

Hambly, Barbara
      IMHO the best Star Trek novel -- po
  1988  Those Who Hunt the Night
      Recommended by cjh. Good -- arl

Hamilton, Edmond
[f]  nt  1949  Alien Earth
  1961  Battle for the Stars
      Pure space opera! -- mlo
  1936  Devolution
      Recommended by arl
[f]  1943  Exile
HNom   1945  Red Sun of Danger
    Star Kings
      Space opera!
[a]  1945  The Inn Outside the World
  1964  The Pro
      Possibly Hamilton's best short -- arl
[a,f]  nt  1952  What's It Like Out There?

Hand, Elizabeth
Neb   nv  1994  Last Summer at Mars Hill

Harness, Charles
HNom NNom   nt  1966  An Ornament to His Profession
  1994  Lunar Justice
      Recommended by po
  1990  Lurid Dreams
      Recommended by po
NNom   nv  1968  Probable Cause
HNom NNom   nt  1966  The Alchemist
  1981  The Firebird
[a,f]  nt  1950  The New Reality
[Psf]  1953  The Paradox Men
      AKA 'Flight into Yesterday'
  1968  The Ring of Ritornel
      Perfectly wonderful -- po
[a]  nv  1953  The Rose
  1982  The Venetian Court
      Recommended by po
[a]  nv  1948  Time Trap

Harrison, Harry
[j]  1967  A Criminal Act
  1973  Astounding - The John W. Campbell Memorial Anthology
      Stories written for this book complete a half-dozen important series
NNom   1970  By the Falls
HNom   1960  Deathworld
[Psf]  1966  Make Room! Make Room!
HNom   1961  Planet of the Damned
      Original title "Sense of Obligation"
  1961  The Stainless Steel Rat
      This is the first in a long series: ignore all the rest -- mlo
[f]  1962  The Streets of Ashkelon
  1967  The Technicolor Time Machine
  1984  West of Eden

Harrison, M. John
[Pf]  1980  A Storm of Wings
[Psf]  1974  The Centauri Device

Hartwell, David
  1989  World Treasury of SF
      A major modern collection

Hartwell, David and Kathryn Cramer
  1994  The Ascent of Wonder
      A very large collection of hard SF

Harvard Lampoon
  nv  1969  Bored of the Rings
      A popular parody of Lord of the Rings. Mostly written by Christopher Cerf. Tedious after a while -- arl

Hasse, Henry
[d]  nt  1936  He Who Shrank

Hawkins, Williard
[f]  1940  The Dwindling Sphere

Hawthorne, Nathaniel
[g]  nv  1844  Rappaccini's Daughter

Healy, Raymond J. and J. Francis McComas
  1946  Famous SF Stories: Adventures in Time and Space
      The definitive collection of early short SF

Heinlein, Robert A.
  ps    See also pseudonym Anson MacDonald
[a]  1941  ...And He Built a Crooked House
  1959  All You Zombies
[a]  1942  Beyond This Horizon
[b]  nt  1940  Blowups Happen
[a,d,f]  nt  1941  By His Bootstraps
      Written as by "Anson Macdonald"
[i]  1957  Citizen of the Galaxy
      The best Heinlein novel -- mlo
[a]  1940  Coventry
Hugo [i]  1955  Double Star
      The best Heinlein novel -- arl
  1950  Farmer in the Sky
HNom NNom   1982  Friday
      Not bad for late Heinlein -- mlo
HNom [i,Pf]  1963  Glory Road
[a,e]  1942  Goldfish Bowl
      Written as by 'Anson MacDonald'
[a]  nv  1949  Gulf
HNom [i,Psf]  1958  Have Spacesuit - Will Travel
[a,e,g]  1947  It's Great to Be Back!
NNom   1984  Job: A Comedy of Justice
[a,f]  1939  Life-Line
  nv  1941  Lost Legacy
[a]  1940  Magic, Inc.
[a,i]  1941  Methuselah's Children
[f]  nt  1939  Misfit
[i]  1963  Podkayne of Mars
      Recommended by po
  1953  Project Nightmare
[a]  1949  Red Planet
[a,d]  1940  Requiem
[a]  1941  Solution Unsatisfactory
      According to Herman Kahn, one of the best pieces of predictive SF ever written -- arl
  1948  Space Cadet
  1953  Starman Jones
Hugo [i]  1959  Starship Troopers
Hugo [i]  1961  Stranger in a Strange Land
      Originally published version only! -- mlo
[i,Psf]  1956  The Door Into Summer
[a,g]  nt  1947  The Green Hills of Earth
[a]  nv  1950  The Man Who Sold the Moon
  1957  The Man Who Travelled in Elephants
  nt  1957  The Menace from Earth
Hugo NNom [i]  1966  The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress
      Also nominated for 1965 due to serialization overlapping two years! Best RAH novel -- jds
[a,i,Psf]  1951  The Puppet Masters
      Originally published version only! -- mlo
[c,d]  nt  1940  The Roads Must Roll
  1952  The Rolling Stones
[a,Pf]  nt  1942  The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag
[a]  nt  1952  The Year of the Jackpot
[a]  1941  They
HNom NNom   1973  Time Enough for Love
      In this long book there are a couple of really good novellas buried in among all the words -- mlo
[i]  1955  Tunnel in the Sky
      A personal favorite -- po
[a,c,e]  nv  1941  Universe
      Not the earliest, but one of the best of the generation ship stories -- arl
[a]  1942  Waldo
[a]  1941  We Also Walk Dogs

Helprin, Mark
[Pf]  1983  Winter's Tale

Henderson, Zenna
[a]  1952  Ararat
      A "People" story
HNom   nt  1958  Captivity
      A "People" story
[a]  1951  Come On, Wagon!
  1996  Ingathering: The Complete People Stories of Zenna Henderson
[i]  1961  Pilgrimage: the Book of the People
      A fix-up novel consisting of about half of the "People" stories
[a]  nt  1955  Pottage
      A "People" story
[i]  1967  The People: No Different Flesh
      A collection of most of the "People" stories not included in "Pilgrimage"

Henneberg, Nathalie-Charles
[g]  1960  The Blind Pilot

Herbert, Frank
HNom   1976  Children of Dune
Hugo Neb [i,Psf]  1965  Dune
      Dune was originally published in two parts, the first of which, "Dune World" was nominated in 1964. A good, but over-rated book -- mlo
HNom   1963  Dune World
      The first half of "Dune"
  1973  Hellstrom's Hive
  1956  Under Pressure
      Also titled "Twenty-First Century Sub" and "The Dragon in the Sea"
  1970  Whipping Star
      Recommended by arl

Hersey, John
  1974  My Petition for More Space
      Recommended by po
  1960  The Child Buyer
      Recommended by po
  1965  White Lotus
      Recommended by po

Hilton, James
[k]  1933  Lost Horizon

Hinz, Christopher
  1987  Liege-Killer

Hoban, Russell
[Psf]  1980  Riddley Walker

Hodgell, P. C.
  1982  God Stalk
      Recommended by po

Hodgson, William Hope
  1907  The Boats of the "Glen Carrig"
[k]  1908  The House on the Borderland
[k]  1912  The Nightland

Hoffman, Nina Kiriki
NNom   nv  1993  Haunted Humans
NNom   nt  1995  Home for Christmas
NNom   1995  The Silent Strength of Stones
NNom   nt  1993  The Skeleton Key
  1993  The Thread that Binds the Bones
      Recommended by po

Hogan, James P.
  1977  Inherit the Stars
      A good first novel with a great picture of a momentous scientific discovery in the making -- mlo
[g]  1981  Making Light
  1979  The Two Faces of Tomorrow
      Recommended by dgg

Holdstock, Robert
[Pf]  1984  Mythago Wood

Hollis, H. H.
NNom   1968  Sword Game
NNom   nt  1968  The Guerrilla Trees

Holt, Tom
[k]  1987  Expecting Someone Taller
      Minor -- arl. But better than the opera -- po.

Horwood, W
  1980  Duncton Wood

Howard, Hayden
HNom NNom   nt  1966  The Eskimo Invasion

Howard, Robert E.
  se    Conan Series
      Especially the early ones. Few of the pastiches are worth reading -- arl
[Pf,k]  1935  Conan the Conquerer

Hoyle, Fred
  1957  The Black Cloud

Hoyle, Fred and John Elliot
  1962  A for Andromeda

Hubbard, L. Ron
HNom   1986  Black Genesis
      It's amazing what garbage occasionally gets nominated -- mlo
[a,k]  nv  1940  Fear
[a]  1940  Final Blackout
      A great 'after the war' story -- arl
  se    Ole' Doc Methuselah stories
      Dreadful stories but very popular in their day -- mlo. As by Rene Lafayette
[a,k]  1939  Slaves of Sleep
      The original book is collected mainly for its Hannes Bok dj -- arl. But *I* liked the story -- mlo
  nv  1940  Typewriter in the Sky

Hughart, Barry
  1984  Bridge of Birds

Hughes, Zach
[i]  1972  The Book of Rack the Healer

Hugi, Maurice A
[d,f]  nt  1941  Mechanical Mice

Huxley, Aldous
[a]  1939  After Many a Summer Dies the Swan
[i]  1939  Brave New World

Huxley, Julian
[e]  nt  1927  The Tissue-Culture King
      Very early biological cloning and its ethical consequences -- arl

Ing, Dean
[g]  1979  Down & Out on Ellfive Prime
HNom NNom   nt  1978  The Devil You Don't Know

Israel, Peter
  1989  I'll Cry When I Kill You
      Mystery set at an SF conmvention. Quite nasty in its characterization -- arl

Jackson, Shirley
[a,l]  1955  One Ordinary Day, with Peanuts
[k,Pf]  1959  The Haunting of Hill House
  1949  The Lottery
[a]  1950  The Summer People
  1962  We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Jameson, Malcolm
    Bullard of the Space Patrol
      Fixup novel
classic space opera -- arl
[e]  1939  Children of the "Betsy-B"
  nt  1944  Tricky Tonnage
      Recommended by arl

Janifer, Lawrence
  ps    See also pseudonym Mark Phillips

Jennings, Gary
HNom   nt  1962  Myrrha

Jeter, K. W.
  1984  Dr. Adder
[Pf]  1983  Soul Eater

Jonas, Gerald
NNom   nt  1970  Shaker Revival

Jones, Diana Wynne
  nf  1996  The Tough Guide to Fantasyland
      recommended by mlo

Jones, Dianna Wynne
  1987  A Tale of Time City
      Recommended by po
  1984  Archer's Goon
  1975  Eight Days of Luke
  1984  Fire and Hemlock
  1990  nad and Dan adn Quaffy
      Recommended by arl & mlo
  1981  The Homeward Bounders
      Spooky -- po
  1988  The Lives of Christopher Chant
      Recommended by po
  1979  The Spell Coats
      Recommended by po

Jones, Guy and Constance
[a]  1945  Peabody's Mermaid

Jones, Raymond F.
[i]    Colossus
      Not that good, but one of the first computer takes over the world stories -- jr
HNom [d,f]  1945  Correspondence Course
[e,g]  1947  Person from Porlock
      A personal favorite -- mlo
HNom   1966  Rat Race
  1952  This Island Earth

Juster, Norman
[i]    Phantom Tollbooth

Kafka, Franz
      In the Penal Colony
      recommended by arl
  s?  1915  The Metamorphosis

Kagan, Janet
  1988  Hellspark
      Recommended by mlo
Hugo NNom   nt  1992  The Nutcracker Coup

Kahn, James
  1980  World Enough and Time
      Recommended by po. I didn't like this at all -- mlo

Karr, Phyllis Ann
  1986  At Amberleaf Fair
      Recommended by mlo
  1982  The Idylls of the Queen
      Recommended by po & mlo

Kay, Guy Gavriel
  1992  A Song for Arbonne
      Recommended by po
[Pf]    Silver on the Tree
      Part of the Fionvar Tapestry trilogy
[Pf]  1985  The Summer Tree
      Part of the Fionvar Tapestry trilogy
[Pf]  1986  The Wandering Fire
      Part of the Fionvar Tapestry trilogy
  1993  Tigana

Kaye, Marvin and Parke Godwin
  1978  Masters of Solitude

Kelleam, Joseph E.
[f]  1939  Rust

Kelly, James Patrick
NNom   nv  1990  Mr. Boy
HNom NNom   1986  Rat
NNom   nt  1984  Saint Theresa of the Aliens
NNom   nt  1991  Standing in Line with Mr. Jimmy
Hugo NNom   nt  1995  Think Like a Dinosaur
      An even more contrived and less important answer to Godwin's "The Cold Equations" -- mlo

Kennedy, Leigh
NNom   1983  Her Furry Face
NNom   1986  The Journal of Nicholas the American

Kerr, Katherine
  1992  Resurrection
      Recommended by arl

Kersh, Gerald
[a]  1953  Secret Masters

Kessel, John
HNom Neb   nv  1982  Another Orphan
HNom NNom   1991  Buffalo
NNom   1989  Good News from Outer Space
  nt  1990  Invaders
      Recommended by arl
NNom   1988  Mrs. Shummel Exits a Winner
HNom NNom   nt  1993  The Fanchise

Key, Alexander
  1968  Escape to Witch Mountain
      Recommended by po
Excellent juvenile -- po

Keyes, Daniel
Hugo Neb [Psf]  1966  Flowers for Algernon
      Short story version won Hugo in '60!
Hugo [c,i]  1959  Flowers for Algernon

King, Stephen
Hugo   nf  1981  Danse Macabre
  1986  It
[Pf]  1975  Salem's Lot
[Pf]  1977  The Shining
[i]  1978  The Stand
NNom   nt  1980  The Way Station

Kingsbury, Donald M.
HNom   1982  Courtship Rite
HNom   nv  1979  The Moon Goddess and the Son
[g]  nt  1978  To Bring in the Steel

Kipling, Rudyard
      Recommended by bz and jb
      A Habitation Enforced
      Recommended by bz and jb
[j]  nt  1912  As Easy as ABC
    Puck of Pook's Hill
      Recommended by bz and jb
    Rewards & Fairies
      Recommended by bz and jb
  nv  1898  The Bridge-Builders
      A surprisingly good fantasy in which the gods of India debate the destruction of a bridge -- mlo
      The Brushwood Boy
      Recommended by bz and jb
      The Ship That Found Herself
      Recommended by bz and jb
[g]  nv  1909  With the Night Mail

Klein, Gerard
[g]  nt  1976  Party Line
[g]  1973  The Valley of Echoes

Knight, Damon
[a,f]  1954  Anachron
[a]  nt  1953  Babel II
  nt  1951  Cabin Boy
      Recommended by mlo
[a]  nt  1951  Don't Live in the Past
[a]  nv  1953  Double Meaning
[f,l]  nt  1953  Four in One
HNom   1976  I See You
  1958  Idiot Stick
      Recommended by mlo
  nf  1956  In Search of Wonder
      Pioneering criticism of SF
HNom NNom   1968  Masks
[a]  nv  1954  Natural State
[f]  1950  Not with a Bang
  nv  1954  Rule Golden
[f,g]  nt  1956  Stranger Station
[a]  1952  The Analogues
    The Best of Orbit
[c,f]  1956  The Country of the Kind
[a]  nv  1955  The Earth Quarter
  nf  1977  The Futurians
      Recommended by mlo
[f]  1960  The Handler
[f]  1950  To Serve Man
[f]  nt  1959  What Rough Beast
[a]  nv  1951  World Without Children

Koontz, Dean R.
HNom   nv  1970  Beastchild

Kornbluth, C. M.
[a,g]  nt  1954  Gomez
  1997  His Share of Glory -- The Complete Short SF of C. M. Kornbluth
  1955  Not This August
HNom   nt  1958  Shark Ship
      Originally titled "Reap the Dark Tide"
[a]  nt  1952  That Share of Glory
HNom   1958  The Advent on Channel Twelve
[a,f]  1952  The Altar at Midnight
[f]  1957  The Education of Tigress McCardle
[a,c,f]  nt  1950  The Little Black Bag
[a]  1952  The Luckiest Man in Denv
[c,a,f]  1951  The Marching Morons
[f]  1950  The Mindworm
[f]  1949  The Only Thing We Learn
[a]  1953  The Remorseful
[a,f]  1941  The Rocket of 1955
[a,f]  1950  The Silly Season
  1953  The Syndic
[a,f]  1941  The Words of Guru
HNom   1958  Theory of Rocketry
[a]  nv  1941  Thirteen O'Clock
[f,g,l]  nv  1958  Two Dooms
[a,f]  nt  1951  With These Hands

Kornbluth, C. M. and Judith Merril
  1952  Gunner Cade
      Writing as Cyril Judd

Kosinski, Jerry
NNom   nv  1971  Being There

Kotzwinkle, William
[Pf]  1977  Fata Morgana

Kress, Nancy
HNom   nv  1991  And Wild for to Hold
HNom NNom   1994  Beggars and Choosers
HNom NNom   1993  Beggars in Spain
      Expanded from the novella of the same name.
Hugo Neb   nv  1991  Beggars in Spain
HNom NNom   nt  1993  Dancing on Air
HNom   nv  1995  Fault Lines
Neb   1985  Out of All Them Bright Stars
  1993  The Battle of Long Island
      Recommended by mlo
HNom NNom   1992  The Mountains to Mohammed
HNom   nt  1989  The Price of Oranges
NNom   nv  1984  Trinity

Kube-McDowell, Michael
HNom   1990  The Quiet Pools

Kurland, Michael
  1969  The Unicorn Girl

Kurten, Bjorn
  1980  Dance of the Tiger
      Recommended by po

Kurtz, Katherine
  1972  Deryni Checkmate
      Deryni 2
  1970  Deryni Rising
      Deryni 1
  1973  High Deryni
      Deryni 3. The rest of the series (another dozen plus books (and still growing)) has become formulaic -- arl

Kushner, Ellen
  1990  Thomas the Rhymer
      Recommended by po

Kuttner, Henry
  ps    See also pseudonyms Lawrence O'Donnell and Lewis Padgett
[a,f]  1941  A Gnome There Was
[a,f]  1946  Absalom
[f]  nt  1949  Cold War
[a]  1946  Dark World
[a,f]  1948  Don't Look Now
[a,i]  1947  Fury
[a]  1945  Line to Tomorrow
[a,f]  1943  The Iron Standard
[f]  1939  The Misguided Halo
[e,f]  1945  What You Need

Kuttner, Henry and C. L. Moore
  ps    see also pseudonyms Lawrence O'Donnell and Lewis Padgett
[a,f]  nt  1945  Camouflage
[a]  1948  Happy Ending
[a]  nt  1943  Nothing But Gingerbread Left
[a,f]  nt  1949  Private Eye
[f]  nt  1956  Rite of Passage
[a]  nt  1944  The Children's Hour
[a,f]  nt  1945  The Piper's Son
[a]  nv  1947  Tomorrow and Tomorrow
[a]  1955  Two-Handed Engine

Kuykendall, Roger
[b]  We Didn't Do Anything Wrong, Hardly

L'Engle, Madeleine
  1978  A Swiftly Tilting Planet
  1973  A Wind in the Door
[i]  1962  A Wrinkle in Time
  1986  Many Waters

Lafferty, R. A.
HNom NNom   1970  Continued on Next Rock
NNom   1970  Entire and Perfect Chrysolite
Hugo   1972  Eurema's Dam
NNom [Pf]  1970  Fourth Mansions
  nt  1966  Narrow Valley
  1966  Nine Hundred Grandmothers
HNom NNom   1968  Past Master
[f]  1961  Rainbird
[f]  1962  Seven-Day Terror
HNom   1971  Sky
  1965  Slow Tuesday Night
  1971  The Devil Is Dead

Landis, Geoffrey A.
HNom   1991  A Walk in the Sun
HNom Neb   1988  Ripples in the Dirac Sea
NNom   1994  The Kingdom of Cats and Birds
HNom   nt  1994  The Singular Habits of Wasps

Langford, Dave
  1984  The Leaky Establishment
      An autobiography (sorta) -- mlo
HNom   nf  1996  The Silence of the Langford
      Superb fan writing, and funny, too -- mlo

Lanier, Sterling
  1973  Hiero's Journey
  se    The Brigadier ffellowes Series

Latham, Philip
[a,g]  1950  The Xi Effect

Laumer, Keith
  1965  A Plague of Demons
[i]    1976  Bolo
  nt    Diplomat at Arms
      The first and best of the Retief series -- arl
  1965  Galactic Diplomat
      Probably the best collection of Retief stories -- mlo
  nv  1968  Greylorn
HNom NNom   nt  1970  In the Queue
NNom   nt  1968  Once There Was a Giant
  1965  Retief's War
NNom   nv  1968  The Day Beyond Forever
HNom   nv  1977  The Wonderful Secret
  1963  Trace of Memory
      Recommended by po
  1962  Worlds of the Imperium

Le Guin, Ursula K.
HNom   nv  1995  A Man of the People
HNom NNom   nv  1995  A Woman's Liberation
Hugo NNom   nt  1987  Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight
HNom NNom   nt  1976  Diary of the Rose
HNom NNom   NV  1994  Forgivness Day
HNom   nt  1996  Mountain Ways
NNom [g]  nt  1969  Nine Lives
[j]  1964  Semley's Necklace
      Recommended by arl
HNom Neb   nt  1994  Solitude
HNom   1982  Sur
Neb   1990  Tehanu
      The late, sad, sorry addition to the otherwise fine Earthsea trilogy -- mlo
[g]  1974  The Author of the Acacia Seeds
HNom Neb   1974  The Day Before the Revolution
Hugo Neb [Psf]  1974  The Dispossessed
[i]  1972  The Farthest Shore
      Earthsea trilogy #3
HNom NNom [i]  1971  The Lathe of Heaven
Hugo [i,Psf]  1969  The Left Hand of Darkness
HNom NNom   nt  1994  The Matter of Seggri
HNom   nt  1975  The New Atlantis
Hugo   1973  The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas
NNom   nt  1979  The Pathways of Desire
NNom   nt  1990  The Shobies' Story
[i]  1971  The Tombs of Atuan
      Earthsea trilogy #2. The best of the series -- po
Hugo NNom   nv  1972  The Word for World Is Forest
HNom   1971  Vaster than Empires and More Slow
HNom   nt  1969  Winter's King
[i,k,Pf]  1968  Wizard of Earthsea, A
      Earthsea trilogy #1

Lee, Tanith
NNom   1979  Red as Blood
  1980  Sabella
      Recommended by po
  1983  Sung in Shadow
      Recommended by po
[i]  1982  The Silver Metal Lover
      Recommended by arl

Leiber, Fritz
[a,f]  1953  A Bad Day for Sales
HNom   nt  1958  A Deskful of Girls
NNom   nt  1976  A Rite of Spring
  1969  A Spectre is Haunting Texas
NNom   1967  Answering Service
Hugo Neb   1975  Catch That Zeppelin!
[a,c,f]  1950  Coming Attraction
      See how much has come true....-- ??
[i,k,Pf]  1953  Conjure Wife
HNom   1945  Destiny Times Three
[i]    Fahfrd and the Grey Mouser
[a]  1950  Gather, Darkness!
Hugo Neb   nt  1967  Gonna Roll the Bones
NNom   nv  1982  Horrible Imaginings
Hugo Neb   nv  1970  Ill Met in Lankhmar
[a]  nv  1950  Let Freedom Ring
[f]  1960  Mariana
HNom   nt  1974  Midnight by the Morphy Watch
[a]  1951  Nice Girl with Five Husbands
[k,Pf]  1977  Our Lady of Darkness
[a,f]  1951  Pail of Air, A
[a,g]  nt  1951  Poor Superman
HNom   1958  Rum-Titty-Titty-Tum-Ta-Tee
[f]  1944  Sanity
HNom   nt  1961  Scylla's Daughter
Hugo NNom   nv  1969  Ship of Shadows
[a]  1941  Smoke Ghost
  1958  Space-Time for Springers
HNom   nt  1965  Stardock
[f]  1940  The Automatic Pistol
[a,f]  1953  The Big Holiday
Hugo [i]  nv  1957  The Big Time
[a]  1949  The Girl with the Hungry Eyes
[f]  1962  The Man Who Made Friends with Electricity
[a]  1947  The Man Who Never Grew Young
[a,f]  1952  The Moon Is Green
  1961  The Silver Eggheads
[Pf]  1953  The Sinful Ones
[Pf]  1968  The Swords of Lankhmar
HNom   nt  1962  The Unholy Grail
Hugo [Psf]  1964  The Wanderer
  1958  Try and Change the Past
[f]  nt  1945  Wanted -- An Enemy
[a,f]  nt  1952  Yesterday House

Leinster, Murray
[a,f]  1946  A Logic Named Joe
[f]  1945  De Profundis
[a]    1949  Doomsday Deferred
Hugo [f]  nt  1955  Exploration Team
Hugo [a,b,c,e,f]  nt  1945  First Contact
      An archetype!! and the aponym for a phylum of stories -- arl & mlo
[b]  1951  Historical Note
[a]  1951  Keyhole
[a,e]  nt  1944  Plague
      One of the more pointed anti-bureaucracy stories -- arl
  1935  Proxima Centauri
  nv  1934  Sidewise in Time
      This story introduced alternate history to SF. And it still holds up well today -- mlo
[a]  1947  Symbiosis
HNom [e]  1945  The Ethical Equations
  1954  The Forgotten Planet
      A fix-up novel
  1935  The Fourth-Dimensional Demonstrator
  1949  The Last Spaceship
      Very minor -- mlo
HNom   1959  The Pirates of Zan
      Also titled "The Pirates of Ersatz"
[f]  1945  The Power
[a,f]  1948  The Strange Case of John Kingman

Lem, Stanislaw
[g]  1977  How Erg the Self-Inducting Slew a Paleface
      Described as "dull enough to be made into a Soviet film"
[g]  1977  Tale of the Computer That Fought a Dragon
      The Cyberiad
      Those who don't like Lem's serious novels should give this one a try.

Leman, Bob
NNom   1980  Window

Lessing, Doris
[Pf]  1971  Briefing for a Descent into Hell

Lethem, Jonathan
NNom   1996  Five Fvcks
NNom   1993  Gun, with Occaisional Music
NNom   nt  1991  The Happy Man

Levin, Ira
[k,Pf]  1967  Rosemary's Baby

Levinson, Paul
NNom   nt  1995  The Chronology Protection Case

Lewis, C. S.
  1938  Out of the Silent Planet
      Book 1 of the 'Deep Space' trilogy
[a]  1944  Perelandra
      Part of 'Deep Space' trilogy
[i]  1951  Prince Caspian
      Part of 'Narnia' series
HNom   1946  That Hideous Strength
      Part of 'Deep Space' trilogy
[i]  1954  The Horse and His Boy
      Part of 'Narnia' series
[i]  1956  The Last Battle
      Part of 'Narnia' series
[i,Pf]  1950  The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
      Part of 'Narnia' series
[i]  1955  The Magician's Nephew
      Part of 'Narnia' series
  1942  The Screwtape Letters
      Not exactly fantasy, but a must-read -- mlo
[i]  1953  The Silver Chair
      Part of 'Narnia' series
[i]  1952  The Voyage of the 'Dawn Treader'
      Part of 'Narnia' series
  1956  Till We have Faces
      Superb retelling of the Psyche myth -- mlo

Ley, Willy
[d]  nf  V-2: Rocket Cargo Ship

Linaweaver, Brad
NNom   nv  1982  Moon of Ice
  1972  Much Better
      Recommended by jr

Lindholm, Megan
HNom NNom   nv  1989  A Touch of Lavender
  1991  Cloven Hooves
      Moody and erotic fantasy -- po
NNom   nt  1989  Silver Lady and The Fortish Man
  1986  The Wizard of the Pigeons

Lindner, Robert
  nf  1954  The Jet-Propelled Couch
      Part of the 'Fifty-Minute Hour' psychological case studies -- arl

Lindsay, David
[k]  1920  A Voyage to Arcturus

London, Jack
  1906  Before Adam
      Recommended by po
    The Flash and the Shadow
      Recommended by jr

Long, Frank Belknap
[a]  1942  It Will Come to You
  1946  The Hounds of Tindalos
      This is a collection
  nt  1928  The Space Eaters
      Recommended by arl

Longyear, Barry B.
Hugo Neb   nv  1979  Enemy Mine
HNom   nt  1979  Homecoming
HNom   nt  1980  Savage Planet

Lovecraft, H. P.
[k]  nt  1936  At the Mountains of Madness
  se    Cthulhu Mythos Series
  1936  Haunter of the Dark
  nt  1941  The Case of Charles Dexter Ward
[e]  1927  The Colour Out of Space

Lupoff, Richard A.
HNom   nt  1974  After the Dreamtime
HNom NNom   1975  Sail the Tides of Mourning
NNom   1976  Sword of the Demon
  nt  1985  The Digital Wristwatch of Philip K. Dick
      Recommened by arl
  nt  1974  Whatever Happened to Nick Neptune?
      Recommended by arl
NNom   nv  1972  With the Bentfin Boomer Boys on Little Old New Alabama

Lynn, Elizabeth
  1980  The Northern Girl
      Recommended by arl

MacAvoy, R. A.
  1983  Damiano
HNom NNom [Pf]  1983  Tea with the Black Dragon

MacDonald, Anson
  ps    Pseudonym of Robert A. Heinlein

MacDonald, George
  1870  At the Back of the North Wind
  1895  Lilith
  1858  Phantastes
  1882  The Princess and Curdie
  1882  The Princess and the Goblin

MacDonald, John D.
[f]  1948  A Child Is Crying
[f]  1949  Flaw
[f]  1952  Game for Blondes
  1951  Planet of the Dreamers
[f]  1948  Ring Around the Redhead
[f]  1950  Spectator Sport
[Pf]  1962  The Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything
  1951  Wine of the Dreamers
      Recommended by eac & arl

MacDonald, Philip
[f]  1949  Private--Keep Out

MacLean, Katherine
[a]  nt  1950  Contagion
[a,e,f]  1949  Defense Mechanism
[a,f]  1951  Pictures Don't Lie
[a]  nv  1953  The Diploids
Neb   nv  1971  The Missing Man
[a,f,g]  1952  The Snowball Effect
[f]  nt  1958  Unhuman Sacrifice

MacLean, Katherine and Charles V. DeVet
HNom   nt  1958  Second Game

MacLeish, Roderick
  1982  Prince Ombra
      Recommended by po

MacLeod, Ian
NNom   nt  1990  1/72nd Scale

Malzberg, Barry N.
NNom   nt  1975  A Galaxy Called Rome
      This was expanded into a novel named 'Galaxies' which is not as good -- arl
  1972  Beyond Apollo
NNom   1982  Corridors
[Psf]  1975  Galaxies
  nv  1971  Gather in the Hall of Planets
  1973  Herovit's World
HNom   nt  1992  In the Stone House
  1993  The Passage of the Light
NNom   1985  The Remaking of Sigmund Freud
HNom NNom   1994  Understanding Entropy

Manning, Lawrence
  nv    The Man Who Awoke
      Recommended by ??

Marks, Laurie J.
  1992  The Watcher's Mask
      Recommended by po

Marlowe, Webb
[d]  1943  Flight into Darkness

Martin, George R. R.
HNom   nt  1975  ...And Seven Times Never Kill Man
Hugo NNom   nv  1974  A Song for Lya
HNom NNom   nv  1996  Blood of the Dragon
HNom   1977  Dying of the Light
  1982  Fevre Dream
      Recommended by po
HNom   nt  1981  Guardians
HNom   nv  1980  Nightflyers
HNom Neb   nt  1985  Portraits of His Children
Hugo Neb   nt  1979  Sandkings
      Nasty and scary and very good indeed -- po
HNom NNom   nt  1983  The Monkey Treatment
NNom   nt  1976  The Stone City
Hugo NNom [j]  1979  The Way of Cross and Dragon
HNom NNom   nv  1982  Unsound Variations
HNom NNom   1973  With Morning Comes Mistfall

Martin, George R. R. and Lisa Tuttle
HNom   nv  1980  One-Wing
      Part of the novel "Windhaven"
HNom NNom   nv  1975  The Storms of Windhaven
      Part of the novel "Windhaven"
  1981  Windhaven

Martin, Valerie
NNom   1990  Mary Reilly

Martino, Joseph
[b]  1960  Pushbutton War

Matheson, Richard
[c,f]  1950  Born of Man and Woman
  1954  I Am Legend
  ss  1955  Pattern for Survival
      Recommended by arl
[Pf]  1956  The Shrinking Man
[f]  1954  The Test

May, Julian
  1994  Diamond Mask
      Recommended by po
Galactic Millieu #3
[a,f]  nt  1951  Dune Roller
  1987  Intervention
      Galactic Millieu #1. (Published in two volumes in paperback.)
  1992  Jack the Bodiless
      Recommended by po
Galactic Millieu #2
  1984  The Adversary
      Pliocene Exile tetrology #4
  1982  The Golden Torc
      Pliocene Exile tetrology #2
HNom NNom   1981  The Many-Colored Land
      Pliocene Exile tetrology #1
  1983  The Nonborn King
      Pliocene Exile tetrology #3

McAllister, Bruce
HNom NNom   nt  1987  Dream Baby
[f]  1963  The Faces Outside

McAuley, Paul J.
[j]  1986  Karl and the Ogre
      Recommened by arl

McCaffrey, Anne
HNom   1991  All the Weyrs of Pern
  1979  Dragondrums
[i]  1968  Dragonflight
HNom   1971  Dragonquest
HNom Neb   nv  1968  Dragonrider
  1977  Dragonsinger
  1976  Dragonsong
HNom NNom   nv  1969  Dramatic Mission
HNom   1983  Moreta, Dragonlady of Pern
      Appalling! -- mlo. No, worse than that! -- arl
[f,i]  nv  1961  The Ship Who Sang
HNom   1978  The White Dragon
Hugo NNom [g]  nv  1967  Weyr Search

McDevitt, Jack
NNom   1983  Cryptic
HNom NNom   1988  The Fort Moxie Branch
HNom NNom   nv  1996  Time Travelers Never Die

McDonald, Ian
  1991  King of Morning, Queen of Day
      The best fantasy of its year -- po
NNom   nt  1988  Unfinished Portrait of the King of Pain by Van Gogh

McHugh, Maureen F.
HNom NNom   1992  China Mountain Zhang
NNom   nt  1993  Nekropolis
HNom NNom   nv  1992  Protection
HNom NNom   nv  1996  The Cost to Be Wise
Hugo NNom   1995  The Lincoln Train
NNom   1993  Virtual Love

McIntosh, J. T.
  1954  One in Three Hundred
      Recommended by arl
[a]  nt  1952  The Bliss of Solitude
  1953  World Out of Mind
      Recommended by arl

McIntyre, Vonda N.
HNom NNom   nv  1977  Aztecs
Hugo Neb   1978  Dreamsnake
HNom   nt  1979  Fireflood
HNom Neb   nt  1973  Of Mist, and Grass, and Sand
NNom   nv  1983  Transit
HNom NNom   1973  Wings

McKenna, Bridget
HNom NNom   1993  The Good Pup

McKenna, Richard
[f]  nt  1960  Mine Own Ways
HNom Neb   1966  The Secret Place

McKillip, Patricia
NNom   1996  Winter Rose

McKillip, Patricia A.
HNom   1979  Harpist in the Wind
      Riddlemaster of Hed trilogy #3
  1977  Heir of Sea and Fire
      Riddlemaster of Hed trilogy #2
[Pf]  1974  The Forgotten Beasts of Eld
  1976  The Riddle-Master of Hed
      Riddlemaster of Hed trilogy #1
  1991  The Sorceress and the Cygnet
      Recommended by po

McKinley, Robin
  1978  Beauty
      Recommended by po
  1984  The Hero and the Crown
      Recommended by po

McLaughlin, Dean
HNom NNom   nv  1968  Hawk Among the Sparrows

McLoughlin, John C.
  1983  The Helix and the Sword
      An excellent piece of SF
very undervalued -- mlo
  1987  Toolmaker Koan
      Flawed - but, remember the eyes! -- po

Mead, Harold
  1956  The Bright Phoenix
      Recommended by arl

Merril, Judith
[a]  nt  1954  Dead Center
[a]  1951  Shadow on the Hearth
[a]  1951  Survival Ship
[a,c,f]  1948  That Only a Mother

Merritt, A.
[k]  1932  Dwellers in the Mirage
    1919  The Moon Pool
      Recommended by kp
[k]  1924  The Ship of Ishtar

Merwin, Jr., Sam
  1951  The House of Many Worlds

Miller Jr., Walter M.
Hugo [i,Psf]  1960  A Canticle for Leibowitz
      A fix-up novel
[a]  nt  1955  A Canticle for Leibowitz
      Included in the fix-up novel of the same name
[f]  1952  Command Performance
[a]  nv  1952  Conditionally Human
[a,f]  1953  Crucifixus Etiam
[a]  nt  1952  Dumb Waiter
[a]  1954  I Made You
Hugo [a,f]  nt  1954  The Darfsteller
[g]  nv  1957  The Lineman

Miller, P. Schuyler
[a,d]  1944  As Never Was
[a]    1951  Dark Benediction
[a,f]  nt  1940  Old Man Mulligan
[a]  1941  Over the River
[f]  1943  The Cave
[d]  nt  1937  The Sands of Time

Miller, R. DeWitt
[d]  1937  Within the Pyramid

Mirrlees, Hope
  1930  Lud-in-the-Mist
      Recommended by kp

Mixon, Laura
  1992  Glass Houses
      Recommended by po

Moffett, Judith
NNom   nt  1986  Surviving
NNom   nt  1988  The Hob
HNom NNom   nv  1989  Tiny Tango

Monteleone, Thomas F.
NNom   1976  Breath's a Ware That Will Not Keep
NNom   1976  Camera Obscura

Moon, Elizabeth
HNom   1996  Remnant Population

Moorcock, Michael
[Psf]  1972  An Alien Heat
      recommended by dgg / Dancers at the End of Time trilogy
Neb [i]  nv  1967  Behold the Man
[Pf]  1978  Gloriana
[k,Pf]  1965  Stormbringer
      Chilling last paragraph especially -- po
[Psf]  1976  The End of All Songs
      recommended by dgg / Dancers at the End of Time trilogy
[Psf]  1968  The Final Programme
[Psf]  1974  The Hollow Lands
      recommended by dgg / Dancers at the End of Time trilogy
[Pf]  1981  The War Hound and the World's Pain
      recommended by dgg

Moorcock, Michael and Hilary Bailey
  1969  The Black Corridor

Moore, Brian
[Pf]  1983  Cold Heaven
[Pf]  1975  The Great Victorian Collection

Moore, C. L.
  ps    See also pseudonyms Lawrence O'Donnell and Lewis Padgett
[a]  nt  1946  Daemon
[f]  1943  Doorway Into Time
[a]  1940  Fruit of Knowledge
[a,f]  nt  1939  Greater than Gods
[a]  nt  1943  Judgment Night
[a,e,f]  nt  1944  No Woman Born
  nt  1933  Shambleau

Moore, Ward
[a,i,Psf]  1953  Bring the Jubilee
[a]  1947  Greener Than You Think
[a,f]  nt  1953  Lot
[e]  1950  Peacebringer
[f]  nt  1960  The Fellow Who Married the Maxill Girl

More, St. Sir Thomas
  1516  Utopia
      The original

Morris, William
  1896  The Well at the World's End

Morrison, William
[a]  nt  1953  Country Doctor
[a,f]  1953  The Model of a Judge
[a,f]  nt  1950  The Sack

Morrow, James
Neb   1988  Bible Stories for Adults, No. 17: The Deluge
Neb   nv  1992  City of Truth
NNom   1990  Only Begotten Daughter
NNom   1986  This Is the Way the World Ends
HNom NNom   1994  Towing Jehovah

Moskowitz, Sam
  nf    The Immortal Storm
      A history of SF Fandom in the 30's. Said to be the only book to which WW II came as an anti-climax.

Mullen, Stanley
HNom   1958  Space to Swing a Cat

Mundy, Talbot
  1925  Tros of Samothrace

Murphy, Pat
HNom   nv  1993  An American Childhood
HNom NNom   nv  1990  Bones
NNom   1988  Dead Men on TV
NNom   1990  Love and Sex Among the Invertebrates
HNom Neb   nt  1987  Rachel in Love
  1988  The City, Not Long After
Neb   1987  The Falling Woman

Myers, John Myers
[Pf]  1949  Silverlock

Nahin, Paul J.
  nf  1993  Time Machines
      A physicist looks at time machines -- mlo

Nathan, Robert
  nv  1956  Digging the Weans
[a]  1939  Portrait of Jennie

Nelson, Ray
[f]  nt  1963  Turn Off the Sky

Nesvadba, Josef
[g]  nt  1973  Captain Nemo's Last Adventure

Neville, Kris
[a]  nt  1951  Bettyann
[b]  1949  Cold War

Newman, Kim
  1992  Anno Dracula

Nichols, Peter
Hugo   nf  1979  The Science Fiction Encyclopedia

Niven, Larry
HNom   1968  All the Myriad Ways
HNom   nv  1975  ARM
  nt    At the Core
      Recommended by jam
  1972  Cloak of Anarchy
      Recommended by arl
NNom   nt  1967  Flatlander
Hugo [g]  1971  Inconstant Moon
Hugo   1966  Neutron Star
HNom NNom   nt  1969  Not Long Before the End
HNom   1973  Protector
Hugo Neb [i]  1970  Ringworld
Hugo   nt  1975  The Borderland of Sol
  nt  1967  The Ethics of Madness
HNom   nv  1971  The Fourth Profession
Hugo [g]  1974  The Hole Man
NNom   1984  The Integral Trees
HNom   1967  The Jigsaw Man
HNom   1989  The Return of William Proxmire
HNom   1980  The Ringworld Engineers
    World of Ptavvs
      Recommended by jam

Niven, Larry and Jerry Pournelle
HNom   1985  Footfall
HNom NNom   1975  Inferno
HNom   1977  Lucifer's Hammer
[Psf]  1981  Oath of Fealty
HNom NNom [i]  1974  The Mote in God's Eye
      Perhaps the best space opera ever written -- mlo

Niven, Larry and Steven Barnes
HNom   nt  1979  The Locusts

Nordley, G. David
HNom NNom   nv  1993  Into the Miranda Rift

Norton, Andre
  1961  Catseye
  1968  Dark Piper
      Recommended by kp
  1959  Galactic Derelict
      Recommended by mlo
  1963  Judgment on Janus
      Recommended by kp
  1962  Lord of Thunder
  1966  Moon of Three Rings
      Recommended by kp
  1964  Ordeal in Otherwhere
  1956  Plague Ship
      Part of Solar Queen series
  1965  Postmarked the Stars
      Recommended by kp
  1965  Quest Crosstime
  1955  Sargasso of Space
  1955  Sargasso of Space
      Recommended by kp
  1960  Sioux Spaceman
      Very minor -- kp
  1957  Star Born
  1958  Star Gate
[i]  1950  Starman's Son
      AKA 'Daybreak 2250 A.D.' A classic juvenile -- po
  1960  Storm Over Warlock
      Recommended by mlo
  1959  The Beast Master
[i]  1954  The Stars Are Ours
  1958  The Time Traders
      Recommended by mlo
  1968  The Zero Stone
      Recommended by kp
  1969  Uncharted Stars
      Recommended by kp
  1966  Victory on Janus
      Recommended by kp
  1959  Voodoo Planet
      Recommended by kp
HNom [Pf]  1963  Witch World
HNom   nt  1967  Wizard's World

Nourse, Alan E.
  1974  Bladerunner
      NOT the same as the movie -- po
[f]  nt  1956  Brightside Crossing
  nt  1953  Nightmare Brother
  1962  Raiders from the Rings
  1959  Star Surgeon
[f]  nt  1951  Tiger by the Tail

Nowlan, Phillip Francis
  nv  1929  Armageddon 2419
      Of historical interest -- the original Buck Rogers novel. The 1962 work Armageddon 2419 A.D.:fixup
  nt  1928  The Airlords of Han

O'Brien, Flann
[Pf]  1967  The Third Policeman

O'Donnell, K. M.
NNom   nt  1968  Final War

O'Donnell, Lawrence
  ps    Pseudonym of Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore
[a,b,f]  nt  1943  Clash by Night
[a,c,e,f,g]  nv  1946  Vintage Season

Olden, Marc
  1978  Poe Must Die

Oliver, Chad
NNom   1983  Ghost Town
  1971  The Shores of Another Sea
      Recommended by po
  1957  The Winds of Time
      Recommended by po
[f]  1954  Transformer

Oltion, Jerry
HNom   nv  1996  Abandon in Place

Oltion, Jerry and Lee Goodloe
NNom   nv  1992  Contact

Orwell, George
[a,i,Psf]  1949  1984
      Probably the most famous SF book ever written -- mlo
HNom [a]  1946  Animal Farm

Padgett, Lewis
  ps    Pseudonym of Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore
[a]  1946  Chessboard Planet
      Also titled the Fairy Chessmen
[b]  1948  Ex Machina
[f]  1947  Exit the Professor
[a,c,e,f,g]  nt  1943  Mimsy Were the Borogoves
[i]  nt    Robots have No Tails
HNom [f]  nt  1945  The Piper's Son
      Part of Mutant. Recommended by arl.
[f]  nt  1949  The Prisoner in the Skull
[d,f,g]  nt  1943  The Proud Robot
[a,d,f]  1942  The Twonky
[d]  1943  Time Locker
[a,b,f]  nt  1944  When the Bough Breaks

Palmer, David
[i]  1984  Emergence
      Expansion of novella. Don't believe the bit about the polar bear -- mlo
HNom   nv  1981  Emergence
      Incorporated in the novel of the same name
HNom   nv  1983  Seeking

Pangborn, Edgar
[a,f,i,Psf]  1954  A Mirror for Observers
      Pangborn's best -- po
[a,f]  nt  1951  Angel's Egg
HNom [i]  1964  Davy
NNom   nt  1971  Mount Charity
  1975  The Company of Glory
      Recommended by po
[a]  nt  1954  The Music Master of Babylon
  1953  West of the Sun
      Recommended by po

Panshin, Alexi
  1969  Masque World
      Anthony Villiars #3
HNom Neb   1968  Rite of Passage
      In RAH's style and (one of his better novels) -- po
  1968  Star Well
      Anthony Villiars #1
  1968  Thurb Revolution
      Anthony Villiars #2

Panshin, Alexi and Cory
Hugo   nf  1989  The World Beyond the Hill

Panshin, Alexie
  nf    Heinlein in Dimension

Park, Paul
NNom   1995  Celestis

Pdgett, Lewis
HNom   1945  What You Need

Peake, Mervyn
  nt  1956  Boy in Darkness
      A Titus Groan story. Recommended by arl
[i,k,Pf]  1950  Gormenghast
      This series reads as if Charles Dickens' stories were written by Franz Kafka -- arl
[i,k,Pf]  1959  Titus Alone
      Ghormenghast #3
[i,k,Pf]  1956  Titus Groan
      Ghormenghast #2

Petrey, Susan C.
HNom   1980  Spidersong

Phillips, A. M.
[d]  nf  1939  Time-Travel Happens!

Phillips, Mark
  ps    Pseudonym of Randall Garrett and Lawrence Jannifer
HNom   1959  Brain Twister
      Originally titled "That Sweet Little Old Lady".
  1960  The Impossibles

Phillips, Peter
[a,f]  1948  Dreams Are Sacred
[f]  nt  1949  Manna

Phillips, Rog
[a,f]  1952  Lost Memory
HNom   nt  1958  Rat in the Skull
[f]  1958  The Yellow Pill

Phillpotts, Eden
[a]  1938  Saurus

Pierce, John R.
  ps    See also pseudonym J. J. Coupling
[a,b,f]  1944  Invariant
  1962  John Sze's Future
      A loving jab at John W. Campbell's foibles -- mlo

Pierce, Meredith Ann
  1985  The Woman Who Loved Reindeer
      Recommended by po

Piercy, Marge
[Psf]  1976  Woman on the Edge of Time

Pinkwater, Daniel M.
  1979  Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy From Mars
      Recommended by mlo
  1976  Lizard Music
      Recommended by po & mlo
    The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death
      Recommended by jam

Piper, H. Beam
[a,f]  nt  1948  He Walked Around the Horses
      A particularly understated and fine alternate history story -- mlo
HNom [i]  1962  Little Fuzzy
[i]  1965  Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen
[b,f]  nt  1957  Omnilingual
[b]  nt  1948  Police Operation
  1963  Space Viking
      Quintessential space opera! -- mlo
  1963  The Cosmic Computer
      Also titled "Junkyard Planet"
Good, hard SF -- mlo
[b]  nv  1950  The Last Enemy
[i]  1964  The Other Human Race
[a,e,f]  1947  Time and Time Again

Plauger, P. J.
HNom NNom   1975  Child of All Ages

Poe, Edgar Allan
[g]  1841  A Descent into the Maelstrom
[e]    A Tale of the Ragged Mountains
      Recommened by arl
[k]  1838  The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym

Pohl, Frederik
HNom NNom   1980  Beyond the Blue Event Horizon
[g]  1966  Day Million
Hugo   1985  Fermi and Frost
Hugo Neb [i]  1977  Gateway
HNom NNom   1979  JEM
HNom Neb [Psf]  1976  Man Plus
NNom   nv  1979  Mars Masked
HNom   1983  Servant of the People
NNom   1972  Shaffery Among the Immortals
HNom   nv  1992  Stopping at Slowyear
[f]  nv  1960  The Day the Icicle Works Closed
HNom NNom [g]  nv  1972  The Gold at Starbow's End
NNom   nv  1984  The Greening of Bed-Stuy
[c]  nv  1954  The Midas Plague
[a,f,j]  nt  1955  The Tunnel Under the World

Pohl, Frederik and C. M. Kornbluth
[i]  1955  Gladiator at Law
  1974  Mute, Inglorious Tam
Hugo   1972  The Meeting
[f]  nt  1961  The Quaker Cannon
[i,Psf]  1952  The Space Merchants
  1959  Wolfbane

Pollack, Frank
  1906  Finis
      Recommended by arl

Pollack, Rachel
NNom   1993  Temporary Agency

Popkes, Steven
NNom   1988  The Color Winter

Pournelle, Jerry
HNom   nt  1974  Extreme Prejudice
HNom   nt  1973  He Fell into a Dark Hole
HNom   nv  1972  The Mercenary
HNom   nt  1975  Tinker

Powers, Tim
NNom   1985  Dinner at Deviant's Palace
NNom   1995  Expiration Date
  1992  Last Call
  1987  On Stranger Tides
      Recommended by mlo
[Pf]  1983  The Anubis Gates
      Recommended by mlo
[k]  1979  The Drawing of the Dark
      Recommended by mlo
  1989  The Stress of Her Regard
      Recommened by arl

Pratchett, Terry
  1992  Lords and Ladies
      May be the best Discworld novel -- po
      A comic sendup of mega-engineering books like Ringworld. Recommended by cjh
[k]  1985  The Colour of Magic
      Recommended by kp
First of at least a dozen Discworld books

Pratt, Fletcher
  1952  The Blue Star
[a,k,Pf]  1948  Well of the Unicorn

Price, Meredith
    The Dark Angel

Priest, Christopher
HNom [Psf]  1974  Inverted World
HNom   nt  1979  Palely Loitering
[Pf]  1984  The Glamour
HNom   nv  1978  The Watched

Priestley, J. B.
[a]  1938  The Doomsday Men
  1961  The Thirty-First of June
      Recommended by arl

Pronzini, Bill and Barry N. Malzberg
  1980  Prose Bowl
      Novel version - the shorter version is better -- arl

Ptacek, Kathryn
  1988  In Silence Sealed
      Recommended by arl

Pynchon, Thomas
NNom   1973  Gravity's Rainbow
[Pf]  1966  The Crying of Lot 49

Rand, Ayn
  1946  Anthem

Randall, Marta
NNom   nv  1980  Dangerous Games
NNom   1976  Islands
  1983  The Sword of Winter
      Recommended by arl

Randall, Robert
  ps    Pseudonym of Robert Silverberg and Randall Garrett
  1959  The Dawning Light
  1957  The Shrouded Planet

Raphael, Rick
[b]  1959  A Filbert Is a Nut
HNom   nt  1963  Code Three
[f]  nv  1960  Make Mine...Homogenized
HNom   1964  Once a Cop

Reamy, Tom
HNom NNom   1978  Blind Voices
HNom Neb   nt  1975  San Diego Lightfoot Sue
NNom   nv  1974  Twilla

Reaves, Michael
  1982  Darkworld Detective
      Recommended by po
  1991  Street Magic
      Recommended by po

Rebetez-Cortes, Rene
[g]  1972  The New Prehistory

Reed, Kit
  1962  Mister Da V.
      Recommended by po

Reed, Robert
HNom   1996  Decency
HNom   1990  The Utility Man

Resnick, Mike
HNom   nt  1994  A Little Knowledge
HNom   1994  Barnaby in Exile
HNom NNom   nv  1990  Bully!
HNom NNom   nt  1989  For I Have Touched the Sky
  1988  Ivory
Hugo NNom   1988  Kirinyaga
HNom   1993  Mwalimu in the Squared Circle
HNom   1991  One Perfect Morning, With Jackals
  1989  Paradise
  1986  Santiago
Hugo Neb   NV  1994  Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge
  nv  1987  Stalking the Unicorn
      Recommended by po
  1987  The Dark Lady
HNom   nt  1996  The Land of Nod
HNom   1992  The Lotus and the Spear
Hugo   nt  1990  The Manamouki
HNom NNom   nt  1995  When the Old Gods Die
HNom   1991  Winter Solstice

Resnick, Mike and Susan Schwartz
HNom NNom   nv  1994  Bibi

Reynolds, Mack
[f]  1956  Compounded Interest
[f]  1962  Earthlings Go Home!
[e]  1950  Isolationist
[Psf]  1973  Looking Backward from the Year 2000
[a]  1954  Prone
HNom   nt  1961  Status Quo
  nt  1965  The Adventure of the Extraterrestrial
[f]  1952  The Business, as Usual

Reynolds, Ted
HNom   1979  Can These Bones Live?
HNom   nv  1979  Ker-Plop

Rice, Ann
[a]    1943  The Refugee

Rice, Jane
[a]  1942  Idol of the Flies

Riley, Frank and Mark Clifton
Hugo   1954  They'd Rather Be Right
      Easily the weakest novel ever to win a Hugo -- mlo

Roberts, Keith
  1970  Anita
[Psf]  1966  Pavane
NNom   nv  1971  The God House
  1970  The Inner Wheel
      Recommended by po
HNom   nt  1980  The Lordly Ones
NNom   nv  1987  The Tiger Sweater
[g]  nt  1972  Weihnachtsabend

Robinson, Frank M.
  1958  The Power
      Recommended by arl

Robinson, Kim Stanley
HNom   nv  1990  A Short, Sharp Shock
NNom   1990  Before I Wake
HNom NNom   nt  1983  Black Air
Hugo   1996  Blue Mars
HNom NNom   nv  1986  Escape from Kathmandu
Hugo NNom   1993  Green Mars
      This is *not* an expansion of the novella of the same name, but a separate work which is a direct sequel to 'Red Mars'.
HNom   nv  1985  Green Mars
      Three interlocking but independent stories
HNom   nv  1987  Mother Goddess of the World
HNom Neb   1992  Red Mars
HNom Neb   nv  1987  The Blind Geometer
NNom   nt  1984  The Lucky Strike
NNom   1984  The Wild Shore
HNom   nv  1982  To Leave a Mark
NNom   1981  Venice Drowned
NNom   1992  Vinland the Dream
      Recommended by mlo

Robinson, Spider
Hugo   nv  1976  By Any Other Name
HNom   1977  Dog Day Evening
Hugo   1982  Melancholy Elephants

Robinson, Spider and Jeanne
Hugo Neb   nv  1977  Stardance

Rocklynne, Ross
[a,f]  nt  1940  Into the Darkness
[e]  nt  1942  Jackdaw
      Recommended by arl
[d,f]  1940  Quietus
  1938  The Men in the Mirror
      Recommended by arl
[a,f]  nv  1941  Time Wants a Skeleton

Rogers, Bruce Holland
Neb   nt  1995  Lifeboat on a Burning Sea
NNom   1996  These Shoes Strangers Have Died Of

Rohmer, Sax
  1913  The Insidious Dr. Fu Manchu

Rosenblum, Mary
HNom   nv  1996  Gas Fish

Rothman, Milton A.
[a,f]  1939  Heavy Planet

Rotsler, William
HNom NNom   nt  1972  Patron of the Arts

Rucker, Rudy
[g]  1983  Message Found in a Copy of Flatland
  1990  The Hollow Earth
      Recommended by arl
[Pf]  1980  White Light

Rusch, Kristine Kathryn
NNom   nt  1990  A Time for Every Furpose
NNom   nt  1989  Fast Cars
NNom   1990  Story Child
HNom NNom   nv  1991  The Gallery of His Dreams

Rushdie, Salman
[Pf]  1975  Grimus
  1980  Midnight's Children
      Recommended by dgg

Russ, Joanna
NNom   1970  And Chaos Died
NNom   nt  1982  Mystery of the Young Gentleman
[g]  1972  Nobody's Home
NNom   1968  Picnic on Paradise
NNom   nt  1971  Poor Man, Beggar Man
Hugo NNom   nv  1982  Souls
NNom   1979  The Extraordinary Voyages of Amelie Bertrand
NNom [Psf]  1975  The Female Man
NNom   nt  1970  The Second Inquisition
HNom Neb   1972  When It Changed
      Classic Planet Stories yarn turned inside out -- arl

Russell, Eric Frank
[a,c]  nv  1951  ...And Then There Were None
      Incorporated in "The Great Explosion"
A classic -- mlo
Hugo [f]  1955  Allamagoosa
[a,e,f]  nt  1950  Dear Devil
[a]  1948  Dreadful Sanctuary
[f]  1952  Fast Falls the Eventide
[a,b,f]  nt  1947  Hobbyist
[f]  1941  Jay Score
      Incorporated in Men, Martians and Machines
[a,b,f]  nv  1948  Late Night Final
[i]  1955  Men, Martians and Machines
      A collection
[a]  nv  1946  Metamorphosite
[b]  Minor Ingredient
[a,i]  1939  Sinister Barrier
[a,d,f]  nt  1943  Symbiotica
      Incorporated in "Men, Martians and Machines"
  1962  The Great Explosion
      A fix-up novel
  nv  1959  The Space Willies
      Also titled "Plus X" and "Next of Kin". Hilarious -- po & mlo
[i]  1957  Wasp
      A lot of fun -- mlo

Russell, Mary Doria
  1996  The Sparrow
      The best book of the year and it didn't even get nominated. A superb First Contact novel. -- mlo

Ryan, Thomas P.
[i]    Adolescence of P1

Ryman, Geoff
NNom   nv  1993  Fan
NNom [Pf]  nv  1987  The Unconquered Country

Saberhagen, Fred
  1992  A Question of Time
      Recommended by po
[i]  se  Berserker Series
  1982  Dominion
[i]  1973  Empire of the East
      A trilogy (The Broken Lands, xx and xx) begun in 1968
[f]  1963  Fortress Ship
HNom   1966  Mr. Jester

Sallis, James
NNom   1970  The Creation of Bennie Good

[Pf]  1952  The Sound of His Horn

Sargent, Pamela
HNom Neb   nt  1992  Danny Goes to Mars

Saunders, Jake
NNom   1976  Back to the Stone Age

Sawyer, Robert J.
NNom   1996  Starplex
HNom Neb   1995  The Terminal Experiement / Hobson's Choice

Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann
Neb   1989  The Healer's War

Schachner, Nat
[e]  nv  1938  The Ultimate Metal
      Great combination of speculation and purple prose -- arl

Schenck, Hilbert
  1982  A Rose for Armageddon
  1981  At the Eye of the Ocean
  1988  Chronosequence
      Recommended by po & mlo
HNom   nv  1983  Hurricane Claude
[g]  1984  Send Me a Kiss by Wire
[j]  1984  Silicon Muse
      Recommended by arl
HNom NNom   nv  1979  The Battle of the Abaco Reef
HNom NNom   1983  The Geometry of Narrative
[g]  nt  1978  The Morphology of the Kirkham Wreck

Schmitz, James H.
  1960  Agent of Vega
      Classic space opera. A fix-up novel
  1965  Balanced Ecology
  nt  1965  Goblin Night
      An early Telzey story
  nv  Gone Fishing
[a,f]  1955  Grandpa
  1968  Just Curious
      Recommended by mlo
HNom   nv  1961  Lion Loose
  nt  1962  Novice
      The first Telzey story. Recommended by mlo
  1962  Tale of Two Clocks, A
      Also titled "Legacy"
Recommended by mlo
  nt  1968  The Custodians
      Recommended by mlo
  1968  The Demon Breed
      Recommended by mlo
[a]  nt  1951  The End of the Line
[j]  nt  1960  The Second Night of Summer
      Part of "Agent of Vega". Probably the best part -- arl & mlo
  nt  1964  The Universe Against Her
      An early Telzey story
[i]  1966  The Witches of Karres
      Superb! -- mlo
[a,b,c,f]  nt  1949  The Witches of Karres
      Expanded into novel of the same name

Schoenfeld, Howard
[a]    1949  Built Up Logically

Scholz, Carter
HNom NNom   nt  1977  The Ninth Symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven and Other Lost Songs

Scott, Melissa
  1985  Five-Twelfths of Heaven

Shaara, Michael
[g]  1956  2066: Election Day
      [This is not in Hartwell]
[a]  nt  1952  Orphans of the Void

Sharkey, Jack
[f]  1959  Multum in Parvo

Shaver, Richard S.
HNom   nv  1945  I Remember Lemuria
      Pretty awful, but important in its day -- mlo

Shaw, Bob
NNom [g]  1966  Light of Other Days
[Psf]  1975  Orbitsville
  nv  1976  The Gianconda Caper
      Recommended by kp & kb
[Psf]  1969  The Palace of Eternity
HNom   1986  The Ragged Astronauts

Shea, Michael
[Pf]  1982  Nifft the Lean
      Recommended by kp
NNom   nt  1979  The Angel of Death
HNom NNom   nt  1980  The Autopsy

Sheckley, Robert
[f]  1952  Cost of Living
  1969  Dimension of Miracles
      Recommended by po
[g]  1957  Ghost V
[Psf]  1963  Journey Beyond Tomorrow
  1966  Mindswap
      Recommended by po
[a]  nt  1953  Shape
[f]  1952  The Impacted Man
[f]  1958  The Prize of Peril
[f]  1959  The World of Heart's Desire
HNom   1958  Time Killer
      Also titled "Immortality Delivered" and "Immortality, Inc."
[a,f]  1953  Warm
  nt  1953  Watchbird
      Recommended by arl

Sheffield, Charles
HNom   nt  1990  A Braver Thing
Hugo Neb   nt  1993  Georgia on My Mind
HNom   1990  Godspeed

Sheffield, Charles and David Bischoff
  1982  The Selkie
      Scary, nasty, erotic contemporary piece -- po

Sheldon, Alice
  ps    See pseudonyms James Tiptree, Jr. and Raccoona Sheldon

Sheldon, Raccoona
  ps    Pseudonym of Alice Sheldon
      See stories under James Tiptree, Jr.

Shelley, Mary
[i,k]  1818  Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus

Shepard, Lucius
NNom   nv  1984  A Traveler's tale
NNom   nt  1986  Aymara
Hugo NNom   nv  1992  Barnacle Bill the Spacer
  1987  Life During Wartime
NNom   nt  1984  Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule
HNom Neb   nv  1986  R&R
NNom   1984  Salvador
HNom   nv  1989  The Father of Stones
NNom   nt  1985  The Jaguar Hunter
HNom NNom   nv  1988  The Scalehunter's Beautiful Daughter

Shepard, Lucius and Robert Frazier
NNom   nt  1991  The All-Consuming

Sherred, T. L.
[a,b,c,e,f]  nt  1947  E for Effort

Shiner, Lewis
NNom   1988  Deserted Cities of the Heart
NNom   1984  Frontera

Shiras, Wilmar H.
[i]  nt  1953  Children of the Atom
      Fixup novel
[a,c,f]  nt  1948  In Hiding
      Incorporated in "Children of the Atom"

Shute, Nevile
[a]  1940  An Old Captivity
  1957  On the Beach

Shwartz, Susan
NNom   nt  1991  Getting Real
NNom   nt  1990  Loose Cannon
HNom NNom   nt  1992  Suppose They Gave a Peace...
NNom   1987  Temple to a Minor Goddess
  1992  The Grail of Hearts
      Recommended by po

Silverberg, Robert
  nv  1992  A Long Night's Vigil at the Temple
      Recommended by mlo
HNom Neb   1971  A Time of Changes
    Alpha series
      An excellent reprint anthology series
HNom Neb   nv  1974  Born with the Dead
[Psf]  1970  Downward to the Earth
HNom NNom   1972  Dying Inside
Hugo NNom   nt  1989  Enter a Soldier. Later: Enter Another
Hugo NNom   nv  1986  Gilgamesh in the Outback
      Best of the overdone 'Heroes in Hell' series -- jr
Neb   1971  Good News from the Vatican
HNom NNom   nv  1967  Hawksbill Station
NNom   nv  1983  Homefaring
HNom   1980  Lord Valentine's Castle
Hugo NNom [i]  nv  1968  Nightwings
HNom   1980  Our Lady of the Sauropods
HNom Neb   1969  Passengers
  1964  Regan's Planet
HNom Neb   nv  1985  Sailing to Byzantium
HNom   1974  Schwartz Between the Galaxies
  1970  SF Hall of Fame Vol 1
HNom NNom   1976  Shadrach in the Furnace
  1986  Star of Gypsies
      Recommended by po
  s?  1969  Sundance
      Recommended by dgg
HNom NNom [i]  1972  The Book of Skulls
  s?  1972  The Feast of St. Dionysus
      recommended by David Grubb
[a]  nt  1958  The Iron Chancellor
  1981  The Majipoor Chronicles
      Recommended by po. Nearly a fixup novel.
[i]  1969  The Man in the Maze
NNom   1968  The Masks of Time
[f]  1963  The Pain Peddlers
NNom   1982  The Pope of the Chimps
HNom NNom   nv  1987  The Secret Sharer
HNom   1975  The Stochastic Man
HNom   1971  The World Inside
      Nominated, but withdrawn from Hugo competition by Silverberg
HNom   nv  1970  The World Outside
HNom NNom   1967  Thorns
HNom NNom   nv  1969  To Jorslem
HNom NNom   1970  Tower of Glass
HNom NNom   1969  Up the Line
HNom   1972  When We Went to See the End of the World
[f]  1957  World of a Thousand Colors

Simak, Clifford D.
HNom   1972  A Choice of Gods
[f]  nt  1959  A Death in the House
[a]  nt  1947  Aesop
  nt  1960  All the Traps of Earth
[i]  1952  City
[a,f]  nt  1944  City
      Included in collection of same name
HNom   1973  Construction Shack
[a,e,f,g,j]  1944  Desertion
      Included in "City"
[a,b,f]  1949  Eternity Lost
HNom   1968  Goblin Reservation
[a,c,f]  1944  Huddling Place
      Incorporated in "City"
  nt  1954  Immigrant
[f]  nt  1963  New Folks' Home
      A pastoral
Recommended by mlo
[b]  nv  1944  Ogre
HNom   1981  Project Pope
[Psf]  1953  Ring Around the Sun
HNom   1971  The Autumn Land
Hugo [c,f]  nt  1958  The Big Front Yard
  nt  1974  The Birch Clump Cylinder
Hugo Neb   1980  The Grotto of the Dancing Deer
  nt  1974  The Marathon Photograph
HNom NNom   nv  1970  The Thing in the Stone
[a]  1951  Time and Again
HNom   1961  Time Is the Simplest Thing
      Original title "The Fisherman"
Hugo [i,Psf]  1963  Way Station
      Originally titled "Here Gather the Stars"
A personal favorite -- mlo

Simmons, Dan
Hugo   1989  Hyperion
HNom NNom   1990  The Fall of Hyperion

Sinclair, Andrew
[Pf]  1967  Gog

Siodmak, Curt
[a]  1942  Donovan's Brain
      Not the movie novelization, the original novel -- jr

Sladek, John
[Psf]  1980  Roderick
      recommended by dgg
[Psf]  1983  Roderick at Random
[g]  1988  Stop Evolution in Its Tracks!

Sleator, William
  1974  House of Stairs
      Recommended by po

Slesar, Henry
[f]  1960  Chief

Smeds, Dave
NNom   1994  Short Timer

Smith, Cordwainer
[f]  nt  1961  A Planet Named Shayol
  nt  1961  Alpha Ralpha Boulevard
      Recommended by mlo
  1963  Drunkboat
  nt  1961  Mother Hitton's Littul Kittons
      Recommended by mlo
[f,g]  nt  1959  No, No, Not Rogov!
[i,Psf]  1975  Norstrilia
[a,c,f]  nt  1948  Scanners Live in Vain
      Earliest cyberpunk stpry -- arl
[c,f,j]  nv  1962  The Ballad of Lost C'mell
[f]  1958  The Burning of the Brain
  nv  1964  The Dead Lady of Clown Town
      A personal favorite -- mlo. The best title in sf & a good story, too -- po
[a,f]  1955  The Game of Rat and Dragon
[f]  nt  1960  The Lady Who Sailed the Soul
HNom   1964  The Planet Buyer
      Original title: "The Boy Who Bought Old Earth"
  1963  Think Blue, Count Two
      Recommended by po

Smith, Dean Wesley
NNom   1996  In the Shade of the Slowboat Man

Smith, Edward E.
Edward E. Smith, Ph.D., was one of the founders of modern SF. His Skylark of Space series was the first real space opera. Skylark and the later Lensman series had enormous influence in the field. None of this influence was due to Doc Smith's writing skill: he was, even by the standards of the day, a mediocre writer. By today's standards his books would probably be considered unpublishable. His deserved reputation rests on the pioneering nature of his writing, his personality -- he was beloved by everyone in the field -- and on the vitality of his storytelling. Read these books to enjoy them and to see where it all began.
[i]  se  "Lensmen Series"
      Quintessential Space Opera! -- mlo
  se  "Skylark" series
      Nearly unreadable, but seminal to the field. You should try to read it! -- mlo
  1954  Children of the Lens
      Lensman #6
  1950  First Lensman
      Lensman #3
  1950  Galactic Patrol
      Lensman #2
  1951  Grey Lensman
      Seminal but bad (though not as bad as Skylark). Lensman #4
  1953  Second Stage Lensman
      Lensman #5
HNom   1965  Skylark DuQuesne
      The last "Skylark" story and the only thing written by the beloved Doc Smith eligible for nomination for a Hugo.
  1930  Skylark of Three
      Skylark #2
  1935  Skylark of Valeron
      Skylark #3
  1928  The Skylark of Space
      The first book of the "Skylark" series and the very first space opera! Seminal but awful -- read it anyway! -- mlo
  1948  Triplanetary
      Lensman #1

Smith, George O.
[a]  nt  1943  Lost Art
[a,f]  nt  1942  QRM-Interplanetary
      Incorporated in "Venus Equilateral"
[i]  1947  Venus Equilateral
      Collection of all the "Venus Equilateral" stories except the last one in the Campbell Memorial Anthology

Smith, Thorne
[k]  1931  Night Life of the Gods
  1926  Topper
[k]  1931  Turnabout
      More a 30s comedy than fantasy, but contains a distinct fantastic element - - mlo

Sohl, Jerry
  1953  Costigan's Needle
      Recommended by arl

Somtow, S. P.
  ps    Pseudonym of Somtow Sucharitkul

Soukup, Martha
Neb   1994  A Defense of the Social Contract
HNom NNom   1991  Dog's Life
HNom   nt  1990  Over the Long Haul
HNom   1992  The Arbitrary Placement of Walls
HNom   1993  The Story So Far
NNom   nt  1992  Things Not Seen

Spinrad, Norman
NNom [j]  1973  A Thing of Beauty
HNom NNom [Psf]  1969  Bug Jack Barron
  s?  1967  Carcinoma Angels
      recommended by David Grubb
HNom NNom   nv  1988  Journals of the Plague Years
  1964  Last of the Romany
      Recommended by arl
HNom   nv  1974  Riding the Torch
      Excellent! -- arl & mlo
NNom   nt  1969  The Big Flash
  1972  The Iron Dream
  nt    The Lost Continent
      Recommended by
    1967  The Men in the Jungle
NNom   1983  The Void Captain's Tale

Springer, Nancy
HNom NNom   1986  The Boy Who Plaited Manes

St. Clair, Margaret
[f]  1956  Horrer Howce
[a]  1954  Short in the Chest

Stableford, Brian
  nt  1992  Complications
      Recommended by arl
HNom   NV  1994  Les Fleurs Du Mal
NNom   nv  1995  Mortimer Gray's History of Death
[Psf]  1979  The Walking Shadow

Stallman, Robert
NNom   1980  The Orphan

Stanton, Mary
  1988  The Heavenly Horse from the Uttermost West
      Recommended by po

Stapledon, Olaf
[i]  1931  Last & First Men
[i]  1935  Odd John
[a]  1944  Sirius
  1937  Star Maker
      Recommended by mlo

Steele, Allen
Hugo NNom   nv  1995  The Death of Captain Future
HNom   nt  1995  The Good Rat

Stephensen, Neal
Hugo NNom   1995  The Diamond Age

Sterling, Bruce
HNom   nt  1996  Bicycle Repairman
NNom   nt  1983  Cicada Queen
HNom   nt  1993  Deep Eddy
HNom   1985  Dinner in Audoghast
HNom NNom   1989  Dori Bangs
HNom NNom   nt  1987  Flowers of Edo
NNom   nv  1985  Green Days in Brunei
HNom   1996  Holy Fire
HNom   1988  Islands in the Net
HNom   1988  Our Neural Chernobyl
NNom   1985  Schismatrix
HNom   1982  Spider Rose
NNom   1984  Sunken Gardens
HNom NNom [j]  nt  1982  Swarm
    The Artificial Kid
      Probably the first cyberpunk novel - jds

Stevenson, Robert Louis
[i,k]  nv  1886  Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Stevermer, Caroline
  1994  A College of Magics
      Recommended by mlo

Stewart, George R.
[a,i,Psf]  1949  Earth Abides

Stewart, Mary
  1970  The Crystal Cave
      Recommended by po
  1973  The Hollow Hills
      Recommended by po

Stewart, W. Gregory
NNom   1991  The button, and what you know
      [Check capitalization]

Stith, John E.
NNom   1990  Redshift Rendezvous

Stockton, Frank
  1889  The Great War Syndicate
  nv    The Lady or the Tiger
      Recommended by jr

Stoker, Bram
[i,k]  1897  Dracula

Strete, Craig
      The Squaw
NNom   1975  Time Deer

Strugatsky, Arkady and Boris
[g]  nv  1984  Way to Amalteia

Stuart, Don A.
  ps    Pseudonym of John W. Campbell, Jr.

Sturgeon, Theodore
[a]  nv  1953  ...And My Fear Is Great
[a,f]  1953  A Saucer of Loneliness
[a]  nt  1953  A Way of Thinking
[f]  1956  And Now the News...
[a,c]  nv  1952  Baby Is Three
      Incorporated into "More Than Human"
[a]  1947  Bianca's Hands
[a]  nt  1955  Bulkhead
[f]  nt  1940  Butyl and the Breather
NNom   nt  1973  Case and the Dreamer
[f]  1939  Ether Breather
[a,l]  nv  1954  Golden Helix
[a]  nv  1954  Granny Won't Knit
NNom   nv  1967  If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Let One Marry Your Sister?
[a,f]  nt  1940  It
[a,e,f]  nv  1944  Killdozer!
[a]  nt  1947  Maturity
[f]  1946  Memorial
[a,e,f]  nt  1946  Mewhu's Jet
[a,c,f]  nt  1941  Microcosmic God
[a,i,Psf]  1953  More Than Human
      A fix-up novel
[a]  1953  Mr. Costello, Hero
HNom   nt  1960  Need
[g]  1971  Occam's Scalpel
[a]  nt  1951  Rule of Three
[f]  nt  1941  Shottle Bop
Hugo Neb   nt  1970  Slow Sculpture
[a]  nv  1955  The [Widget], the [Wadget], and Boff
[a]  nt  1946  The Chromium Helmet
[a,i]  1950  The Dreaming Jewels
[f,g]  1949  The Hurkle Is a Happy Beast
NNom   1969  The Man Who Learned Loving
HNom [f,g]  nt  1959  The Man Who Lost the Sea
[a]  nv  1948  The Perfect Host
[a,f]  1953  The World Well Lost
[a,b,f]  1947  Thunder and Roses
[f]  nt  1947  Tiny and the Monster
[a]  nv  1954  To Here and the Easel
[a]  1955  Twink
HNom [Psf]  1960  Venus Plus X
HNom [f]  nt  1962  When You Care, When You Love
[a]  nt  1955  When You're Smiling
[f]  nt  1955  Who?

Sucharitkul, Somtow
HNom   1981  Absent Thee from Felicity a While
HNom   nt  1982  Aquila

Sullivan, Timothy Robert
NNom   1981  Zeke

Swann, Thomas Burnett
HNom [Pf]  1966  Day of the Minotaur
  1974  How Are the Mighty Fallen
      Recommended by po
  1968  Moondust
      Recommended by po
  1977  Queens Walk in the Dusk
  1971  The Forest of Forever
      Recommended by po
HNom   nt  1966  The Manor of Roses
HNom [l]  nt  1962  Where Is the Bird of Fire?

Swanwick, Michael
NNom   nv  1993  Cold Iron
NNom   nt  1980  Ginnungagap
HNom   nv  1991  Griffin's Egg
      In the Drift
      Recommended by po
NNom   nv  1984  Marrow Death
NNom   nt  1981  Mummer Kiss
HNom Neb   1991  Stations of the Tide
HNom   1996  The Dead
HNom   1989  The Edge of the World
NNom   nt  1980  The Feast of St. Janis
NNom   nt  1984  Trojan Horse
  1987  Vacuum Flowers
      Recommended by mlo
HNom   1995  Walking Out

Swanwick, Michael and William Gibson
HNom NNom   nt  1985  Dogfight

Swift, Jonathan
[i,k]  1726  Gulliver's Travels

Sykes, S. C.
NNom   nt  1985  Rockabye Baby

Taine, John
[f]  nt  1939  The Ultimate Catalyst

Tall, Stephen
  ps    Pseudonym of Compton Crook
HNom   1971  The Bear with a Knot on His Tail
      Included in 'The Stardust Voyages'
  1975  The Stardust Voyages
      Fix-up novel

Tanner, Charles R.
  nv  1931  Tumithak of the Corridors
      Important for its day -- mlo

Tarr, Judith
  1989  A Wind in Cairo
      Minor, but fun -- po
  1992  Lord of the Two Lands
      An excellent historial fantasy -- mlo
  1995  Pillar of Fire
      A brilliant historical novel which is just barely a fantasy, too -- mlo

Taylor, Robert
NNom   1968  Idiot's Mate

Temple, William F.
[a,f]  nt  1939  The Four-Sided Triangle

Tenn, William
[f]  nt  1963  Bernie the Faust
[a]  1951  Betelgeuse Bridge
[a,f]  1948  Brooklyn Project
[a,b,e,f]  1947  Child's Play
[a,f]  nt  1954  Down Among the Dead Men
      Great story -- arl
[a,h]  nv  1952  Firewater
[f]  1951  Null-P
  1968  Of Men and Monsters
      Recommended by po
[a]  nt  1954  Party of the Two Parts
[a,f]  1953  The Liberation of Earth
[f]  nt  1959  The Malted Milk Monster
[a]  nt  1949  Venus and the Seven Sexes
  nt  1957  Winthrop Was Stubborn
      Recommended by po. AKA "Time Waits for Winthrop"

Tennant, Emma
[Pf]  1976  Hotel de Dream

Tensei, Kono
[g]  1982  Triceratops

Tepper, Sheri S.
HNom   1989  Grass
  1988  Marianne, the Madame and the Momentary Gods
      Recommended by po.
  1989  Marianne, the Matchbox and the Malachite Mouse
  The Awakener
      Recommended by po.
  1988  The Gate to Women's Country
      Recommended by po.
  1985  The Song of Mavin Manyshaped
      Recommended by po.

Tevis, Walter
NNom   1980  Mockingbird

Thomas, Theodore L.
NNom   1967  The Doctor
[f,g]  nt  1962  The Weather Man

Thompson, W. R.
HNom   1990  VRM-547

Tiptree Jr., James
  ps    Pseudonym of Alice Sheldon
NNom   nv  1975  A Momentary Taste of Being
HNom NNom   1972  And I Awoke and Found Me Here on the Cold Hill's Side
  nt  1969  Beam Us Home
      Yes! -- po
  1989  Color of .... Eyes
      Recommended by jr
  s?  1974  Her Smoke Rose Up Forever
Hugo Neb   nv  1976  Houston, Houston, Do You Read?
NNom   nt  1981  Lirios: A Tale of the Quintana Roo
HNom Neb   1973  Love Is the Plan, the Plan Is Death
HNom   nt  1972  Painwise
HNom   1982  The Boy Who Waterskied to Forever
Hugo NNom   nv  1973  The Girl Who Was Plugged In
NNom   1969  The Last Flight of Dr. Ain
HNom NNom   nv  1985  The Only Neat Thing to Do
[g]  1976  The Psychologist Who Wouldn't Do Awful Things to Rats
HNom Neb [j]  nt  1977  The Screwfly Solution
      Recommended by arl
HNom   1977  Time-Sharing Angel
HNom   1978  Up the Walls of the World

Tolkien, J. R. R.
[a]  nv  1949  Farmer Giles of Ham
  nt  1947  Leaf by Niggle
  nf  1939  On Fairy-Stories
[k,Pf]  1952  The Fellowship of the Ring
      Lord of the Rings #1
[i]  1937  The Hobbit
[k,i]  1954  The Lord of the Rings
      Published in three volumes
the progenitor of most modern fantasy and still the best ever written -- mlo
[k,Pf]  1954  The Return of the King
      Lord of the Rings #3
  1977  The Silmarillion
[k,Pf]  1953  The Two Towers
      Lord of the Rings #2

Treece, Henry
  1966  The Green Man
      Recommended by arl

Tubb, E. C.
  1957  Alien Dust
      Recommended by arl

Tuck, Donald
  nf    Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy
      In three volumes the first comprehensive encyclopedia of the field. It took 15 years to publish.
Hugo   nf  1983  Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy, vol III

Tucker, Wilson
  1974  Ice and Iron
      Recommended by arl
  1958  The Lincoln Hunters
  1952  The Long Loud Silence
      Reccomended by arl
[a]  1951  The Tourist Trade
  1954  Wild Talent
      Recommended by po.
HNom NNom [Psf]  1970  Year of the Quiet Sun

Turner, George
NNom   1988  Drowning Towers
[g]  nt  1978  In a Petri Dish Upstairs

Turtledove, Harry
      After the Last Elf is Dead
      Nasty! -- mlo
  nt  1986  And So to Bed
Hugo   nv  1993  Down in the Bottomlands
  1992  Guns of the South
      An excellent alternate history novel -- mlo
  1984  Hindsight
HNom NNom   nt  1995  Must and Shall
  nt  1985  The Road Not Taken
      A fascinating retelling of Anvil's "Pandora's Planet" -- mlo

Tuttle, Lisa
NNom   1976  Stone Circle
Neb   1982  The Bone Flute

Tutuola, Amos
[a]  1953  Palm Wine Drunkard

Twain, Mark
[i]  1889  A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
[i]  Letters from Earth
    1916  The Mysterious Stranger

Updike, John
[g]  1983  The Chaste Planet
[Pf]  1984  The Witches of Eastwick

Utley, Steven and Howard Waldrop
NNom   nt  1976  Custer's Last Jump

van Ewyck, Annemarie
[g]  1984  The Lens

van Loggem, Manuel
[g]  1974  Pairpuppets

Van Scyoc, Sydney
  1971  Saltflower
      Reccomended by arl

Van Vogt, A. E.
[a,d,f]  nv  1942  Asylum
[d,f]  nt  1939  Black Destroyer
      Incorporated in 'Voyage of the Space Beagle'
[f]  nt  1942  Cooperate -- Or Else!
      Incorporated in "The War Against the Rull"
[a,f]  1948  Dormant
  1956  Empire of the Atom
      'I, Claudius', revisited -- mlo
[a,f]  1950  Enchanted Village
[a,f]  nt  1944  Far Centaurus
      Excellent idea story -- mlo
[f]  1950  Process
  nv  1942  Secret Unattainable
[a,i]  1940  Slan
[k,Pf]  1947  The Book of Ptath
HNom   nt  1945  The Mixed Men
[f]  1948  The Monster
[f]  nt  1941  The Seesaw
      Incorporated into 'The Weapon Shops of Isher'
[f]  nt  1943  The Storm
[i]  1963  The Voyage of the Space Beagle
      A fix-up novel
  1959  The War Against the Rull
      A fix-up novel
Recommended by mlo
  1947  The Weapon Makers
[a,c,d,f]  nt  1942  The Weapon Shop
  1951  The Weapon Shops of Isher
      Sequel to 'Empire of the Atom', but not as good -- mlo
  1962  The Wizard of Linn
HNom [a,i]  1945  The World of Null-A
[b,f]  1940  Vault of the Beast

Vance, Jack
HNom   nv  1974  Assault on a City
  1952  Big Planet
      Recommended by mlo
  1969  Emphyrio
      Recommended by mlo
  1963  Green Magic
      Recommended by mlo
NNom   1983  Lyonesse
  1996  Night Lamp
      Quintessential Vance -- mlo
[a]  nv  1952  Telek
  1981  The Book of Dreams
      Demon Princes #5
Hugo   nt  1962  The Dragon Masters
[a,i,k,Pf]  1950  The Dying Earth
[Pf]  1965  The Eyes of the Overworld
      Recommended by kp
  1979  The Face
      Demon Princes #4
[a]  nt  1955  The Gift of Gab
  1964  The Killing Machine
      Demon Princes #2
  1957  The Languages of Pao
      Recommended by mlo
Hugo Neb   nv  1966  The Last Castle
HNom   nt  1958  The Miracle-Workers
[c,f]  nv  1961  The Moon Moth
  1964  The Palace of Love
      Demon Princes #3
  nt  1950  The Potters of Firsk
      Recommended by mlo
  1964  The Star King
      Demon Princes #1

Varley, Jack
  1986  The Unprocessed Word
      Recommended by arl

Varley, John
HNom NNom   1977  Air Raid
      Written as Herb Boehm
HNom NNom   nt  1980  Beatnik Bayou
HNom   nv  1981  Blue Champagne
HNom   nt  1976  Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance
NNom   nt  1976  In the Bowl
HNom   nv  1977  In the Hall of the Martian Kings
HNom   1983  Millennium
HNom NNom   nt  1979  Options
Hugo Neb   nv  1984  Press Enter []
NNom   nt  1975  Retrograde Summer
HNom   1992  Steel Beach
HNom   nt  1978  The Barbie Murders
[Psf]  1977  The Ophiuchi Hotline
Hugo Neb   nv  1978  The Persistence of Vision
HNom [g]  nt  1976  The Phantom of Kansas
Hugo NNom   1981  The Pusher
HNom NNom   1979  Titan
HNom   1980  Wizard

HNom   1961  Sylva

Verne, Jules
[i]  1870  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
  1873  Around the World in Eighty Days
  1862  Five Weeks in a Balloon
[i]  1865  From the Earth to the Moon
[g]    In the Year 2889
[i]  1863  Journey to the Center of the Earth
    The Mysterious Island

Vian, Boris
[g]  1955  The Dead Fish

Vidal, Gore
NNom   1978  Kalki
[a]  1954  Messiah

Vinge, Joan D.
Hugo   nt  1977  Eyes of Amber
HNom NNom   nv  1978  Fireship
Hugo NNom [i]  1980  The Snow Queen
HNom   1991  The Summer Queen
  nt  1974  The Tin Soldier
      Recommended by po
HNom   1978  View from a Height
  1984  World's End
      A very interesting middle-of-series item -- po

Vinge, Vernor
Hugo   1992  A Fire Upon the Deep
[g]  nv  1966  Bookworm Run!
  nt  1968  Grimm's Story
      Included in 'Grimm's World'
HNom   1986  Marooned in Real Time
  nt  1970  Original Sin
      Recommended by mlo
HNom   nt  1986  The Barbarian Princess
      Included in 'Grimm's World'
  1984  The Peace War
      Recommended by mlo
HNom NNom   nv  1981  True Names

Volsky, Paula
  1992  Illusion
      Recommended by po

Vonnegut Jr., Kurt
HNom [Psf]  1963  Cat's Cradle
  1965  God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater
[g]  1961  Harrison Bergeron
  1952  Player Piano
[a]  1950  Report on the Barnhouse Effect
HNom NNom   1969  Slaughterhouse-Five
[a]  1954  The Big Trip Up Yonder
HNom [i,Psf]  1959  The Sirens of Titan
[a]  1953  Unready to Wear

Waldrop, Howard
NNom   nv  1989  A Dozen Tough Jobs
HNom NNom   nt  1988  Do Ya, Do Ya, Wanna Dance
HNom   nt  1991  Fin de Cycle
HNom NNom   1985  Flying Saucer Rock and Roll
NNom   1982  God's Hooks
NNom   1985  Heirs of the Perisphere
HNom   1982  Ike at the Mike
NNom   1976  Mary Margaret Road-Grader
HNom   1987  Night of the Cooters
NNom   1986  The Lions Are Asleep This Night
HNom Neb   nt  1980  The Ugly Chickens

Wallace, F. L.
[a,f]  nv  1952  Delay in Transit
[a]  nt  1953  Student Body

Wallace, Ian
  1955  Address Centauri
      Recommended by arl
  1967  Croyd
      Recommended by arl

Walling, William
HNom   nt  1974  Nix Olympica

Walpole, Horace
[k]  1765  Castle of Otranto
      The great granddaddy of the gothic

Walton, Evangeline
  1936  The Island of the Mighty
      AKA 'The Virgin and the Swine'

Wandrei, Donald
  nt  1934  Colossus
      Recommended by arl

Warner Jr., Harry
Hugo   nf  1992  A Wealth of Fable
      Excellent history of SF fandom in the 50's -- mlo
  nf  1969  All Our Yesterdays
      Classic history of SF fandom in the 40's -- mlo

Watkins, William John
NNom   1993  The Beggar in the Living Room

Watson, Ian
[Psf]  1978  Miracle Visitors
HNom NNom   nt  1983  Slow Birds
[Psf]  1973  The Embedding
HNom [g]  1978  The Very Slow Time Machine

Watt-Evans, Lawrence
  nv  1992  The Rebirth of Wonder
      Recommended by arl
Hugo NNom   1987  Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers

Wei, Vahua
  nt  1984  Conjugal Happiness in the Arms of Morpheus
      Recommended by arl

Weinbaum, Stanley G.
[c,j]  nt  1934  A Martian Odyssey
  nv  1938  The Black Flame
      Recommended by arl
  1939  The New Adam

Wellman, Manly Wade
HNom   1958  Nine Yards of Other Cloth
[a]  1938  The Dark Destroyers
[a]  1955  Walk Like a Mountain

Wells, H. G.
      Men Like Gods
      The Door in the Wall
      Recommended by pt
  1901  The First Men in the Moon
  1903  The Food of the Gods
      The Glass Egg
[i]  1897  The Invisible Man
  nv  1896  The Island of Dr. Moreau
[g,j]  nv  1903  The Land Ironclads
  1901  The New Accelerator
      The Shape of Things to Come
  1897  The Star
[c,i]  nv  1895  The Time Machine
[i]  1898  The War of the Worlds
[i]  1898  When the Sleeper Wakes

Whelan, Michael
Hugo   nf  1987  Michael Whelan's Works of Wonder

White, James
HNom   1996  Un-Birthday Boy

White, James A.
[f]  nt  1962  Christmas Treason
HNom   1976  Custom Fitting
[i]  1962  Hospital Station
HNom   1961  Second Ending
[i]  1963  Star Surgeon
[a]  nt  1954  The Conspirators

White, T. H.
[i,k,Pf]  1958  The Once and Future King
  1937  The Sword in the Stone
      Included in 'The Once and Future King'

Wilde, Oscar
[k]  nt  1891  The Picture of Dorian Gray

Wilder, Cherry
  1977  The Luck of Brin's Five
      Fine YA fantasy -- po

Wilhelm, Kate
HNom   nt  1974  A Brother to Dragons, a Companion to Owls
NNom   1970  A Cold Dark Night With Snow
NNom   nv  1970  April Fool's Day Forever
NNom   nt  1967  Baby, You Were Great
NNom   nt  1971  Encounter
HNom Neb   1987  Forever Yours, Anna
HNom NNom   1994  I Know What You're Thinking
NNom [Psf]  1979  Juniper Time
NNom   1971  Margaret and I
NNom   1992  Naming the Flowers
NNom   nt  1972  The Funeral
Neb   nt  1986  The Girl Who Fell Into the Sky
NNom   nv  1985  The Gorgon Field
NNom   nv  1971  The Infinity Box
[f,l]  1957  The Mile-Long Spaceship
Neb [g]  1968  The Planners
NNom   nv  1971  The Plastic Abyss
NNom   nv  1981  The Winter Beach
Hugo NNom   1976  Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang
HNom   nv  1981  With Thimbles, With Forks and Hope

Willey, Elizabeth
  1995  A Sorcerer and a Gentleman
      Recommend by mlo
  1994  The Well-Favored Man
      Amber done better -- po

Williams, Charles
[k]  1930  War in Heaven

Williams, Ralph
[b]  1958  Business as Usual, During Alterations
HNom   nt  1959  Cat and Mouse

Williams, Robert Moore
[a,d]  1938  Robot's Return

Williams, Tad
  1985  Tailchaser's Song
      Recommended by arl

Williams, Walter Jon
  1992  Aristoi
      One of the best novels in an exceptional year -- po & mlo
  1997  City on Fire
      recommended by mlo
HNom   nt  1987  Dinosaurs
  1986  Hardwired
  1985  Knight Moves
      Very reminiscent of some of Zelazny's stories, but better -- mlo
NNom   1995  Metropolitan
NNom   nt  1992  Prayers on the Wind
HNom NNom   nv  1988  Surfacing
HNom NNom   nv  1993  Wall, Stone, Craft
NNom   nv  1987  Witness

Williamson, Jack
  nv  1948  ...And Searching Mind
      Incorporated in "The Humanoids"
  nt  1934  Born of the Sun
      Recommended by arl
[a,k,Pf]  1940  Darker Than You Think
[a]  1954  Guinivere For Everybody
[a,b,f]  1940  Hindsight
[a]  1940  Realm of Wizardry
[a,f]  nt  1939  Star Bright
[a,i]  1948  The Humanoids
  1935  The Legion of Space
      Classic very early space opera
[j]  1928  The Metal Man
      Recommended by arl
[a,c,e,f]  nv  1947  With Folded Hands...
      Incorporated in "The Humanoids"

Willis, Connie
Neb   1982  A Letter from the Clearys
  All My Darling Daughters
      Recommended by jr
HNom Neb   nt  1989  At the Rialto
HNom   1990  Cibola
HNom   1979  Daisy, in the Sun
Hugo NNom   1993  Death on the Nile
Hugo Neb   1992  Doomsday Book
Hugo Neb   1992  Even the Queen
Hugo Neb   nt  1982  Fire Watch
HNom   1991  In the Late Cretaceous
HNom NNom   nv  1991  Jack
HNom   nt  1991  Miracle
HNom   1995  Remake
NNom   nt  1987  Schwarzschild Radius
HNom   nv  1986  Spice Pogrom
Hugo Neb   nv  1988  The Last of the Winnebagos
HNom NNom   nt  1983  The Sidon in the Mirror
HNom   1996  The Soul Selects Her Own Society
HNom   nv  1989  Time-Out

Willis, Walt
  nf    Warhoon 28
      A huge, hardbound 'fanzine' which collects some of the best fan writing (not fan fiction!) ever written -- mlo

Wilson, F. Paul
NNom   nv  1986  Dydeetown Girl

Wilson, Richard
[a]  1952  Love
      [Is this actually *Richard* Wilson?]
HNom Neb   nt  1968  Mother to the World
NNom   nv  1979  The Story Writer

Wilson, Robert Charles
  1991  A Bridge of Years
      Recommended by po
  1989  Gypsies
      Recommended by po
  1994  Mysterium
      Recommended by po
  1990  The Divide
      Recommended by po
  1993  The Harvest
      Recommended by po
NNom   nt  1995  The Perseids

Wolfe, Bernard
[a,Psf]  1953  Limbo
[a]  nt  1951  Self-Portrait

Wolfe, Gene
NNom   1984  A Cabin on the Coast
NNom   1972  Against the Lafayette Escadrille
[g]  1987  All the Hues of Hell
NNom   1994  Calde of the Long Sun
  nt  1984  Detective of Dreams
      Recommended by mlo
NNom   1986  Free Live Free
NNom   1973  How I Lost the Second World War and Helped Turn Back the German Invasion
  1970  How the Whip Came Back
      Recommended by arl
NNom   1970  Island of Dr. Death and Other Stories
NNom   1993  Nightside the Long Sun
[Pf]  1975  Peace
[g]  1984  Procreation
HNom NNom   nv  1978  Seven American Nights
  1989  Soldier of Arete
NNom   1987  Soldier of the Mist
NNom [Psf]  1983  The Citadel of the Autarch
HNom Neb [Psf]  1981  The Claw of the Conciliator
HNom Neb   nv  1973  The Death of Dr. Island
NNom   nv  1976  The Eyeflash Miracles
HNom NNom [g,i,Psf]  nv  1972  The Fifth Head of Cerberus
NNom [Psf]  1980  The Shadow of the Torturer
HNom NNom [Psf]  1982  The Sword of the Lictor
HNom NNom   1987  The Urth of the New Sun
HNom   1981  The Woman the Unicorn Loved
NNom   1980  War Beneath the Trees
  1976  When I Was Ming the Merciless
      Recommended by jr

Wollheim, Donald A.
[f]  1942  Mimic
[f]  1954  The Lysenko Maze

Wolverton, Dave
NNom   nt  1996  After a Lean Winter

Wrede, Patricia C.
  1989  Snow White and Rose Red
      Reccomended by arl

Wrede, Patricia D.
  1991  Mairelon the Magician
      Recommended by po

Wrede, Patricia D. and Caroline Stevermer
  1988  Sorcerery and Cecelia
      Quirky and delightful -- po

Wright, Austin Tappan
  1942  Islandia

Wright, S. Fowler
[d]  Brain
  1928  Deluge

Wu, William F.
HNom NNom   1985  Hong's Bluff
HNom NNom   1983  Wong's Lost and Found Emporium

Wyndham, John
  1968  Chocky
      Recommended by po
  1956  Consider Her Ways
      Recommended by po
[a,i,Psf]  1951  Day of the Triffids
[a]  1953  Out of the Deeps
[i]  1955  Rebirth
      Also titled "The Chrysalids". Really good -- po
[a]  nt  1953  The Chronoclasm
[Psf]  1957  The Midwich Cookoos
  nt  1952  The Perfect Creature
      Recommended by arl
  1960  Trouble with Lichen

Yarbro, Chelsea Quinn
[Pf]  1980  Ariosto
      Recommended by po
  se  St. Germain series
      A classic vampire series. Recommended by arl

Yefremov, Ivan
  nv  1959  Heart of the Serpent
      Retelling of Leinster's "First Contact" from a proper Communist perspective

Yolen, Jane
NNom   1992  Briar Rose
NNom   1989  Sister Light, Sister Dark
NNom   nv  1988  The Devil's Arithmetic
NNom   1990  White Jenna

Young, Robert F.
HNom   1964  Little Dog Gone

Yulsman, Jerry
  1984  Elleander Morning

Zahn, Timothy
  1985  A Coming of Age
      Recommended by mlo
Hugo   nv  1983  Cascade Point
HNom   nt  1982  Pawn's Gambit

Zamayatin, Victor
  1972  "We"

Zebrowski, George
NNom   1971  Heathen God
NNom   1984  The Eichmann Variations

Zelazny, Roger
NNom   1993  A Night in the Lonseome October
HNom [c,f]  nt  1963  A Rose for Ecclesiastes
HNom   1966  Comes Now the Power
  1969  Creatures of Light and Darkness
      Recommended by mlo
HNom   nv  1967  Damnation Alley
      In perspective, trivial even before rotten movie -- cjh
HNom   1975  Doorways in the Sand
HNom   nt  1966  For a Breath I Tarry
Neb   nv  1965  He Who Shapes
      Expanded into 'The Dream Master'
Hugo Neb   nv  1975  Home Is the Hangman
NNom   1969  Isle of the Dead
HNom [Pf]  1971  Jack of Shadows
  1989  Loki 7281
      Recommended by arl
Hugo NNom   1967  Lord of Light
  1970  Nine Princes in Amber
      A good, ground-breaking fantasy. The nine (at least!) sequels went downhill pretty fast -- mlo & cjh
Hugo NNom   nt  1986  Permafrost
HNom Neb   nt  1965  The Doors of His Face, the Lamps of His Mouth
[Psf]  1966  The Dream Master
      Expanded from 'He Who Shapes'
NNom   1974  The Engine at Heartspring's Center
NNom   nt  1967  The Keys to December
NNom   nt  1966  The Moment of the Storm
Hugo   1965  This Immortal
      Originally titled "...And Call Me Conrad"
HNom   nt  1966  This Moment of the Storm
NNom   nt  1967  This Mortal Mountain
Hugo NNom   nv  1985  Twenty-Four Views of Mount Fuji, by Hokusai
Hugo   nt  1981  Unicorn Variation

Zelazny, Roger and Fred Saberhagen
  1990  The Black Throne
      Recommended by arl