Deeper With You
by Willie Murphy

I thought you should know
I'm not lettin' you go
There's talk and you've heard it too
People sayin' I'm tired of you
It's true I've been runnin' around
But you must believe me I've only found
That runnin' 'round I fell in love
Deeper with you
Baby it's true

The road of love twists and turns
It's easy to get lost and hard to learn
I'm not perfect but I try to be
Honest with you 'cause you're honest with me
So I'm admitting yes I've been bad
But empty encounters were all that I had
And I just keep fallin' in love
Deeper with you
Baby it's true

Can you take me deeper?
Baby I can feel it goin....
Take my love just a little bit....

Promises are cheap to make
And we both know they're easy to break
I can't tell you that I'll never play
Around anymore but baby I'll say
That I wanna do right
I'm tryin' to learn to
Yours is the love that I always return to
I just keep fallin' in love
Deeper with you
Oh it's true

I remember when we met
Both so young and anxious
Hot love in the summertime
I knew I was yours and you were mine
Infatuation is a magical thing
But the feeling soon escapes us
But oh I think we've got something more
It's that real deep feelin' and it's sure worth livin' for

A little bit deeper
I want you
I want you
I want you
I need you
I gotcha

Deeper baby
Can't you take me just a little bit....
Take my love just a little....

Mr. Mature

Copyright 2003 by Willie Murphy