Time (Is Running Out)
by Willie Murphy

Aww, let's talk about time

I'm gonna take some time
It won't take three long
To talk about time before I sing the song
See time's a thing we can't do without
And it's a thing can't do nothin' about

Yeah there's all kinds of time in the world
But there ain't never enough

Talkin' 'bout time

Now there's loose time and precision time
There's free time and there's prison time
A hope; a memory; a future; a past
Time's always here but it never lasts

There's fast time and there's slow time
Hot time; new time; old time
Times that are tough and times that were grand
A time to let go; a time to make a stand

All kinda time in the world
But there ain't never enough

There's good times; bad times; sad times
Be glad times if we had time
There's a time to pay the bills and a time to chill
Time on your hands -they call it time to kill
Time before and the time until
There's time in a shadow on a window sill

What I'm talkin' 'bout is overlappin' layers at the same time
Turn the TV on and it's game time
There's time for the truth; a time to lie
A time for livin' and a time to die

Yeah there's all kinds of time in the world
But there ain't never enough

Then there's work time; overtime; time on the clocks
The seasons; the solstice and the equinox
Startin' time and there's quittin' time
But you know there's no outwittin' time
'Cause these days time is movin' pretty fast
Kinda makes you wonder: Is time is gonna last?

Time could go on forever but I really have some doubts
'Cause it definitely feels to me like time is runnin' out

- - -

Time is runnin' out
Feel it going faster
Is it somethin' to worry about or a natural disaster?

Time is runnin' out
Comin' up real fast
All that stuff you're workin' for, man -it ain't gonna last

Time is runnin' out
Comin' to the end
All that money you're workin' for, man, you won't have time to spend

Can't you feel the heat babe
Gettin' kinda close to home
I know you smell the smoke; we polluted to the bone

Gimme a little more time, y'all
Just another little minute here
Can you give me some time?

Got to keep on runnin' baby
'Cause I ain't got time to walk
Send me a fax in the mornin' momma 'cause I ain't got time to talk

Ain't got time to go to Hollywood
No time to try to be a star
I'm just gonna find a groove that's good and try to play this here guitar

Time keeps runnin' out
Right down the drain
Time keeps runnin' out

Just a little bit of time, y'all
Can you spare a little minute here?
Man, we runnin' out of time

Gimme a little more
A little more time
That's it

Monkey in the Zoo

Copyright 2003 by Willie Murphy