Thief and Thief 2 level design credits

Thief & Thief 2 level designer credits
Note: Where multiple designers are mentioned, the
primary architectural designer of the level is listed first.

THIEF: The Dark Project
(Thief Gold)

Training: Randy Smith, Greg LoPicollo, Mark Lizotte
Lord Bafford's Manor: Dorian Hart
Cragscleft Prison: Mike Ryan, Tim Stellmach, Ian Vogel
The Bonehoard: Dorian Hart, Nate Wells
Assassins: Mike Ryan, Greg LoPiccolo
The Thieves Guild: Sara Verrilli
The Sword: Sara Verrilli, Nate Wells
Haunted Cathedral: Randy Smith
Mage Towers: Rafael Brown, Sara Verrilli, Mike Chrzanowski
The Lost City: Mike Ryan, Tim Stellmach, Greg LoPiccolo
Song Of The Caverns: Terri Brosius
Undercover: Dorian Hart
Return To The Cathedral: Randy Smith, Mark Lizotte
Escape: Randy Smith
Strange Bedfellows: Sara Verrilli
Maw Of Chaos: Mike Ryan, Sara Verrilli, Greg LoPiccolo
"Bloopers": Rob Caminos, Laura Baldwin

THIEF 2: The Metal Age

Running Interference: Tim Stellmach, Rich Carlson, Rick Ernst, Terri Brosius
Shipping And Receiving: Mike Chrzanowski
Framed: Rich Carlson, Rob Caminos
Ambush!: Iikka Keränen, Sara Verrilli
Eavesdropping: Rich Carlson, Emil Pagliarulo, Sara Verilli, Mike Chrzanowski
First City Bank And Trust: Randy Smith
Blackmail: Mike Chrzanowski
Trace The Courier: Iikka Keränen, Sara Verrilli
Trail Of Blood: Terri Brosius
Life Of The Party: Emil Pagliarulo
Precious Cargo: Emil Pagliarulo
Kidnap: Sara Verrilli, Mike Ryan
Casing The Joint: Rafael Brown, Tim Stellmach, Rich Carlson, Mike Ryan
Masks: Rafael Brown, Rich Carlson, Mike Ryan
Sabotage At Soulforge: Randy Smith

Thanks to Grundbegriff, mokkis, CocoClown, Myoldnamebroke, Thumper, Banshee, Geoff, Schechter, kriegstanz, Andy, Lytha, Randy Smith (Thief and Thief 2 level designer), Rich Carlson (Thief 2 level designer), Tim Stellmach (Thief and Thief 2 lead designer) and all at the TTLG Forums for verification.