99 FREE hyperwave Sci Fi channels via Zap Hyper-Ent!

Remember classic holovid shows like Planet Patrol, Infinity Chronicles and Vortex Theater? Remember gathering together around the gasbox with friends and family just to watch a rare repeat episode of Macron Rangers?

If you do, then you'll be thrilled to know that Purple Void TV, a subsidiary of Digital Eel, is serving up ALL of your favorite science fiction shows and series, 20 time units per day, 10 days per week, on an unprecedented 99 different hyperwave channels as a free add-on service available to all Zap Hyper-Entertainment subscribers.

Remember, if you want the BEST ultrahigh resolution 3D simulations and programs beamed directly into your head, groink Zap Hyper-Entertainment and groink today!

Meanwhile, let's gaze into our rarified plasma orbs and see what's on Purple Void TV this week. Click "What's on?" below for more choices.

CH :

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