The Mod Mod World of "Zdim"

Zdim was my online nickname circa 1996 when I began making levels for Heretic and Doom. It's actually the name of the main character from one of my favorite fantasy novels, The Fallible Fiend by L. Sprague de Camp.

This page is a download archive of the free game levels and mods I made, primarily from 1996 to 2005. They're listed in reverse order (except for the "Lost Levels" listed at the bottom). As you scroll down, you go back in time. Sort of.

-Rich Carlson

Dungeons of the Necromancer's Domain

Underdelve - 20 levels - DotND game - history - handy Underdelve maps - the whole kit and caboodle

"Zdim's Adventures" - 7 levels (Heroquest game + 7 extra quests) - map shots - author's website (click "downloads" to get the latest version of the game)

Three Shades of Darkness * with Iikka Keranen - 3 levels - review
The Cave of Woe
20 Books *
Stank Manor
Info page

Quake III Arena
Dungeon Hunters *
Hall of Mirrors CTF
The Doom That Came To Dunwich * with Iikka Keranen - screenshots 1, 2

Quake II
Happy Holidays Y2K
Heavy Metal Outpost
Order & Chaos *
Pretzel Logic
Umbriel Station: Reactor Core

Hopping Mad
Oblivion * - info page
Surtur's Shrine
Caves of Carnage
Fane of the Diabolist *
Demon Hunter
The Black Crypt
Quake level name generator


Doom II
Dungeons of the Doomed * - map shot

Ultimate Doom
Smoke The Beehive - partial map shot
The Demon Pits of Doom
Last Hope of the UAC - 8 levels

The Chaosian - map shot
OrbQuest (chicken antics)
Wizard Wars
Wizard's Revenge * - map shot - screenshot
Big Red
Creatures of Light and Darkness - map shot
Return to White Plume (Ricky's first mod)

Lost Levels
Bloody Hell (Quake III Arena)
"CASL" (Quake III Arena)
Museum (screenshot)
Cloaker (screenshot)
Diabolicus (screenshot)
"Fiendish" (Doom)
Megacity (Doom)
Unnamed 6 level collection (Heretic)
Lavalord (Quake)

* = one of my favorites

This webpage is dedicated to Brian, Stephan, Karen, Fingers, Laserhed, Crash & DrSleep.

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