Q: "Will SAIS work on my computer? I have a slower than 350MHz CPU or a version of Windows other than 95/98/ME."

A: The system requirements posted on the website are based on the computers that the game was tested on before it was released. Technically, any 32-bit Windows system that runs DirectX 6 or later and has a sound card should be fine, but since we couldn't test the game with all possible configurations it may be unstable on some systems.

For example, we have received reports of SAIS crashing on some win2000 or winXP systems and laptop computers. On the other hand many people are happily running the game in these operating systems, and we used a laptop to demonstrate it at Norwescon without any problems. Windows XP also has compatibility features that let you run a program as if the system is a Win98 system, and this may help any stability problems.

To make sure that the game will run on your computer, we strongly recommend you try out the free demo version first. In most cases the performance of the full game is identical to the demo.

Q: "Will the full version of SAIS only be available on CD or will there also be a downloadable version (not a demo) ?"

A: In addition to CD-ROM, we are now selling the game through digibuy and looking into other distribution methods as well. Go to the BUY page for the latest information.

Note that when you buy the CD, you will not only get the game, but also a ton of free extras like desktop images not available anywhere else. The CD is available for mail-order through the Cheapass Games website, and where ever Cheapass Games products are sold. Check your local game and hobby stores.

Q: "I noticed a bunch of INI files in the gamedata folder. Seeing as they're in plain English and not code, can these be safely modified? Can new planet/ship names be added? Can new treasures or weapons be added? And most importantly, are you planning an add-on pack?"

A: Most of the game files are indeed modifiable. Read the Mod Guide (mods.txt) included with the full version of the game for more information on how to create and use mods. It even includes a step by step tutorial that walks you through creating a simple weapon mod.

Remember that when modifying the game, you're doing it at your own risk. Keep your CD handy in case you accidentally break something.

We're not currently planning an expansion pack, but anything is possible :)

Q: "This game is really good. I love the demo, but can't you make the map bigger and with more stars? I was hoping the full version would let you pick a size but looking at your web site it doesn't.

I enjoy 15min games but it's so small, i just get into it and it's over!

How about get rid of the time limit, make the maps 7 or more screens bigger? Maybe let you build your own space port around a planet at one stage? :) "

A: Strange Adventures In Infinite Space is designed to be a 15-minute game, and this principle would be broken if the map was suddenly multiplied in size or the time limit was removed. Not only that, but it would probably also require some drastic changes to the code, such as introduction of saving and loading of games; and the scoring system would go haywire if you could bring back five times the amount of stuff.

In the future we may make other games with the Infinite Space game system, with different types of gameplay and different sets of limitations. (Infinite Space actually started as an enormous 4X strategy game with 200+ planets)

Note that the full version does have twice as many stars as the demo.

Q: "How do I know which system, weapon or gadget is better or more valuable than another?"

A: Read the item names and descriptions carefully and experiment. Generally, the weirder, more advanced or more exotic an item name is, the more powerful and/or valuable the item itself is. Particularly important information or hints about how an item may be used will always be found in the item description.

Q: "What's the difference between the two weapon hardpoints on my ship?"

A: Each hardpoint is actually a turret that can swivel to a range of directions depending on its location and the design of the ship's hull. This is called field of fire, or fire arc.

For example, the Terran corvette on the left has wide fire arcs that allow it to fire in nearly all directions. On the other hand, the Garthan ship on the right has more restricted fields of fire because the weapons are mounted on the sides.

These differences make some tactics more useful for one ship than the other; for example, the Terran ship can fire while circling around its target at a distance (if it has long-range weapons installed), while the Garthan is at its best in an aggressive head-on assault.

Q: "Is there a help screen that I can refer to while I'm playing the game?"

A: Comprehensive help screens can be invoked by pressing F1 in either the star map or tactical views.

Since version 1.3, SAIS has included a helpful in-game tutorial mode that provides simple instructions for each new situation you encounter.

Q: "Is the limited vacuum collapser actually useful?"

A: Yes.


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